About my travel sideways reviews

We have traveled to many corners of the world, looking for wind, waves and powder. On my blog I want to share our past and coming travels. This blog post is a description of how and what I review.


I do many sideways sports, and look forward to share my travels with you. Keep in mind that my reviews are done based on how I, personally, experience the spots, given my level and interests. I am intermediate windsurfer. I know my tacks, but I am working hard on improving my gybing.

Concerning, reviews of waves and freestyle conditions, I have consulted my dear Alexander. He is an experienced freestyle and wave windsurfer. I am an intermediate stand-up paddler and a beginner surfer. On snow, I am a experienced backcountry snowboarder, but do not ask me to show off in the park.

In my reviews, I write also about other things as family activities, yoga, romance and good dining. So  keep in mind that my ratings are from a broader perspective than just the sport. Too often I have met windsurf men travelling alone. Or I have seen the wife/ girlfriend/ family on the beach the first couple days and then they are gone. Maybe my reviews can help you find spots for everybodies pleasure.

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For each spot, I give different areas a score, from one to six.


Overall; 6 = the best in the world, and we do not want to leave, 1 = we should never have gone there!


Climate; Wind directions, consistency and air/water temperature. I like it warm, warm, warm. Bikini surf over wetsuits! I also consider whether it is nice to be here even though you are not a windsurfer. (eg. Observing kids with snowboard googles on the beach blowing 20 knots).

Freestyle, freeride and waves; How good is the spot for different types of windsurfing.

Gear; Rental possibilities and quality of gear.


Stay and eat; Traveling as a couple or a family requires, normally, some more comfort. I judge the range of places for accommodation and the variety of restaurants.

Romance; Will your partner be happy here, even if she / he does not enjoying sports. 1=divorce next, 6=very happy

Family; travelling with children requires that the vacation is also on their premises. 1=poor kids, 6=they will have a great time


It is important for me to inform that I have zero income from this blog. This is a idealistic blog and I have no revenue from it! Only my private heart project.

If you have additional information, question, find mistakes or disagree, please let me know. Just write some lines in the comments fields below the posts.

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Happy reading!


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