Yoga in Sao Miguel Do Gostoso, Brasil

Sao Miguel Do Gostoso has a truly great and peaceful yoga center, Hara Gostoso. Almost every day after windsurf, I went here and enjoyed good yoga practices. It was good for sore mucles and harmonized my body and mind. Windsurf/surf and yoga goes hand in hand. When traveling, I do it on my own a the beach or on a roof top, or I visit local yoga centers. In Sao Miguel Do Gostoso I did both.


The yoga at Hara Gostoso de Sao Miguel

Hara Gostoso is located at the very far end, going west, of Sao Miguel Do Gostoso. After windsurf, I returned to our pousada So Alegria (a 20 minutes walk along the beach) changed and continued further along the beach to Hara (another 15 minutes). During our stay, there were classes every day at 5 pm (yoga or pilates). I enjoyed the quiet, calm and soothing practices. The owner (Felicia) had some of the practices, i.e. on New Years eve we had a long healing Tao yoga, getting rid of the old year, welcoming the new. Otherwise local women lead the practice. Mostly they did it in Portuguese, with some translations for English guests. After a few practices, I was able to understand most of the Portuguese instructions with a sneak peak a the instructor or other yogis.


After yoga, the owner, Felicia, offered tea and cake. Most yogis stayed a short while for this gentle offer and for a chat. When it was time to return to the pousada, it was dark. It was not tempting to walk along the beach. I hiked with someone from the class or Felicia arranged a local moped taxi driver. Some evenings, I ran the short distances (only 8-10 minutes) along the road.

The resort

The resort, which is run by an international family, also have nice pousadas. They have yoga and capoeira classes and courses for both adults and kids. You can enjoy the spa, play tennis, go horse riding, just read a book or enjoy the beautiful ocean view. You can find more information here – Hara Gostoso (thumbs up for webpages in both English, Portuguese, Italian and German)

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