Join us into the wild bamboo forest! (Maui, part 4)

After many days on the water, it is time to seek into the wild. We have a so called «down day» (little wind and waves). The whole family went to the bamboo forrest. An exciting hike!


From Paia you drive towards Hana. It is 16 miles (26 km) and will take approximately 35 minutes. You park along the road by the 6.5 mile marker. There is no sign, but you will see some small trials on the right hand side. Note that there are several bamboo forests on Maui. This one is called the Na’ili’ili Haele Stream & Waterfalls.

Note: This hike is on private EMI property. The Maui outdoor enthusiast community clearly acts as if there is an implied easement to use these trails after all the years of hiking here – but you’re advised to get permission from EMI. The EMI page has more info about EMI, instructions for obtaining permission and contact info too. Source:


We entered by one of the many trials into the forest. They all lead to the main trial. We carried the twins in carrying slings. The forest is super cool and the waterfalls beautiful. The deeper into the forest we walked, the bamboo trees became thicker and thicker. We only walked to the second waterfall. After this it becomes a bit more extreme. I read on Maui Guide Book that there are in total five waterfalls. If you want to get to the end, you must both swim and climb. But bring swim wear anyway and swim under the first waterfalls.


The trip was 1.5 hours, and we had several photo stops. Beware! Flash floods do happen here and that is very dangerous. Many people have been rescued from this area. Wear proper shoes, not flip flops. If it rains, do not go here.

Have a great trip!

Aloha, Cecilia

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