Have a snappy Maui day! (Maui – part 5)

This post shows a typical day on Maui´s north shore, where our plans for the day follow wind and swells forecasts! It is based on my first My story on SnapChat with some extra comments!


The sunrise is our wake-up call!

02_Breakfast03_On my way04_Infusion05_All set06_Barre07_Mana08_Cottage 09_View10_Lunch

Our day starts early, around 6 o´clock. Our two boys wake up early and I love getting up with the sunrise. We all have breakfast with a wonderful view. Alexander and I always have one activity each before lunch. He often goes to Ho´okipa for surfing, while I have a good time with the boys. Then we switch. I prefer to stand-up paddle in Paia bay or I go to the wonderful Infusion Barre & Yoga in Baldwin avenue, where I have a one month pass. It is truly a great place with high quality!

The weather is our guide!

11_Off12_Sovetid 13_Hooikpa14_Hooki hangouts

After lunch, we go windsurfing. Wind information from iWindsurf and swell information from swellinfo.com give us the directions. The boys get a good nap in the car! This day, we went to Ho´okipa!

No wind, new plans!

15_NExt spot17_Sprecks beach18_Kanaha19_Hike 20_Bananas21_Twin falls 22_Twin falls2

After Ho´okipa, our plan was to windsurf at Spreckelsville beach. Unfortunately the wind dropped. I was a bit disappointed, since I really wanted to sail at Sprecks or Kanaha. Instead we went to the Twin falls. We loved the short hike and the beautiful waterfalls. Normally this place is crowded, but arriving after 4 pm we were alone!

We had a great day, good night!

24_Twins sleep25_Take out26_Good night

Finally back in Paia, a bit later than normal. The boys went to bed at 7pm. We had some awesome fish pasta from Paia Fish market. At 9 pm, it was time to sleep. And nine hours later…here we go again!

Thanks for following our day!

Aloha, Cecilia 😀


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