What is a great leader? The next 10 minutes give you the answer!

What defines a good leader? Take 10 minutes to learn more and new reflections will appear in your mind. Do you dare to challenge the established, when everyone is shaking their heads?

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10 eye-opening minutes

What is a good leader? I have used a lot of energy on this question over the last months. I do not know if I have found the answer, but I have been so inspired by many people with a high competence on this field. One of these people is Roselinde Torres. Tonight I listened to her 10 minute TED talk for the third time.

Roselinde Torres and her colleagues studied 4000 companies to find the effectiveness of their leadership programs. More than half of the companies had failed to grow enough leaders. They had talent and leadership programs, but they did not develop enough new leaders for critical leader positions. The findings underpin one of my favorite quotes. True leaders don´t create followers. They create leaders!

Maybe you are of those thinking: I have heard all of this before. Is it really something new? Give yourself one more chance. Do you have the answer to Torres´ the three questions? Check out her TED talk via the link in the picture below.

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My thoughts on Roselinde Torres´ 3 questions:

1. Where am I looking to anticipate change? The answer is in my calendar.

Do I spend time with the right people? Do I read the right stories? Do I travel to the right places? I must answer – No, not enough, to these three questions. My, and probably your, biggest challenge is that the daily business and deliverables with tight deadlines already fill up our calendars. To change this we must actually schedule and make long term investments our time, in order to be one step ahead!

If I sign up for a seminar, I must stick to the plan and participate. I have actually participated at strategic and innovative seminars, but ended up sitting in the hotel lobby working on short term projects. So, no more of that or I will never be able to look around corners!

But I have become good finding inspiration from TED talks and other Podcasts.

2. How diverse is my personal and professional network?

This concerns a network with a wide range of experience, age, ethnicity, social and political view. How many people in my network has a different mindset and trust me enough to work with me? I am not too bad in this field. This is thanks to my combination of a professional career and my volunteer work as a sports politician. The combination has given me a diverse national and international network.

With this blog I hope to open new doors. My challenge is to invest, keep and develop my my network. This brings me back to question number 1, and we all know by now – the answer is in my calendar.


3. Am I courageous enough to abandon the past? Do I dare to be different?

Do I dare to leave the past and be different? Sometimes yes, but I do not completely abandon the past. I try to take steps out of my comfort zone. When I launched this blog, many asked me – Hmm.. do you have time for this?  But, to my surprise, most people have been positive. Many people suggests future blog posts and others give positive feedback. This makes me so happy. And as, Roselinde Torres says, I have been surprised to see who gives me support!

My challenge for you!

Your journey can start today. We all have ten minutes. Listen to Roselinde Torre´s TED talk on the subway, on the bus, driving the car, walking the dog, going for a run. It will open your mind and you will start asking yourself some crucial questions. And questioning your status quo is always step 1.

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Best wishes from Cecilia 😀

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