Have you seen that crazy view? (Maui – part 7)

On West Maui, we find the beautiful and popular Iao Valley. We have looked into this valley from Kanaha beach park many times, and often we see clouds. One day the clouds lifted! We went for a hike.

Iao Needle

How to get there?


Fra Kahului, kjører du vestover gjennom Wailuku. Det er godt skiltet til Iao Valley. Bilturen går raskt, ettersom det er bare 8,5 kilometer. Det er organisert parkering ($5) og tilrettelagt for mange besøkende.

From Kahului you drive west through Wailuku and into Iao Valley. It is only 5,3 miles (8,5 km). You park at the end of the road. Parking is $ 5. On nice days the parking lot will be crowded, as this is an popular destination.

The hike!

Photo: www.touchhawaii.com
Photo: www.touchhawaii.com

Concerning trips, you have two main options. You can walk the short paved tourist track which is app. 0,6 miles (1 km). This take you up to a look out point and down along a stream. You can also choose a more adventurous hike. We continued on a trail to left of the shelter at the top look-out point. Beware, this is out of bounds, and you walk at your own risk!

We walked for 45 min up along the narrow trail. You get a better view, less people and more excitement. We did not go to the end of the trail. As it got very muddy, we returned. But I asked some other hikers. They had walked a bit further and the trail end by a some kind of temple.

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Coming back on the tourist track we took the stairs to the right and followed it down along the beautiful stream. Alexander and I took a quick swim before we returned dripping wet to the car.


I would recommend this trip to experienced hikers. The hiking we did, is not suitable for small kids that walk on their own. Many danger and steep drops along the trial. You should wear shoes with a good grip that you do not mind getting dirty. If it has been raining, you should not go here. Bring swim wear for a cooling dip along the paved tourist track. Remember that the trip is out of bounds and at your own risk.

Have a great trip!

Aloha, Cecilia


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