Did I pass my exam?

This week I have tested how much information can my brain absorb over a relatively short time. 300 pages, 20 hours of lecturing, 3 days, 2 lbs of student notes and eventually 75 questions in a 1 hour exam! Yes, I did it. I am now a MSP certified program manager!

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This week has been very different from my last 60 weeks. My maternity leave is coming to an end. I have taken the opportunity to prioritize some self-development, before I start working 100 % from January 2016. I do not like being away from the twins all day, but still it felt good to challenge my brain with some new and old knowledge.

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What is a program?

So you might be thinking, why am I writing about programs? Am I in the TV business? Let me explain this in short. Companies and organizations, both private and public, run programs. The goal is to direct and oversee a set of projects and activities in order to achieve benefits related to the company´s strategic objectives. The program is a temporary organization, but it can last for many years. The key word is benefits! A program can make sure and help the line organization to realize the benefits from projects outputs. It can be benefits from implementing a new IT system, establishing a new service line or streamlining work processes and the organization.

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What is program manager?

The program manager is the person who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the program. I have had this position several times over the last years. It is often a tough role with a lot different topics on my daily agenda, but I guess that is why I like it.

Before becoming a program manager, I did all the steps from working as project support, leading working groups, being a program office member, assistant project manager, project manager and eventually program manager. All the roles have, overtime, filled up my program manager «toolbox». On my way, I have also completed the Prince2 certification.


Why become a certified MSP program manager?

Taking the MSP (Managing Successful Programs) certification is something I have wanted to do for years. MSP represents proven best practices in program management. It has been developed by studying experiences from successful programs and transformational changes. In addition, the course has given me the opportunity to meet other program managers and discuss their experiences.

It is Thursday, but I have a Friday feeling. I am very happy that update my CV with the title certified MSP program manager! Yeah for it!


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All the best,

Cecilia – the certified program manager 🙂

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