ceciliaflatum.com it is!

Dear readers!

When I established this blog, my plan was to write some posts about leadership in Norwegian and travel reviews in English. I even combined two languages in several blog posts. After a few weeks I realized that this became really messy! So after consulting experts, asking you readers and myself – Am I brave, (enough)?, I decided to go all the way in one language, English.


I could not continue with Cecilias´s verden and ceciliasworld.com was taken. I have been back and forward on different names, and concluded – www.ceciliaflatum.com it is! The only name, I will never change!

Skjermbilde 2015-11-14 kl. 09.08.30

Some sacrifices were made. I really liked Cecilia´s verden. When I changed domain all my Facebook Likes 🙁 disappeared, so feel free to like them again or for the first time! The same did Disqus comments on blog posts.


Do you want to help me?

There are many great blogs out there, but we do not know about them. If you like my blog, and want some of your friends to be inspired!

Please feel free to invite your friends to like this Facebook page!

Inviter venner til FB

I hope you will continue to follow me on ceciliaflatum.com! I will do my best to share my thoughts and experience on a weekly basis with you!


Have a great Saturday!

Love from Cecilia <3

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