Working too much? An advent marriage survival list!

Only one day until December 1, 24 days to go before Christmas eve hits you! The weeks before Christmas are often busy at work. Time management will be challenged. Your loved ones at home might be frustrated. Here is my survival list for an adult advent calendar! Want to keep your partner happy every day until Christmas? 

Geschenke Weihnachtskalender

Go free and romantic!

  • Give away a 5 minutes massage every day! (Tight necks need it, and you have to come home from work to give it)
  • Write a poem of 24 words and give him/her, one word every day! (Hmm.. if you are not very poetic, this can be a tough one in 24 hours. Alternative – give 24 compliments instead)
  • Google romantic poems, print 24 of them and give one poem every day! (You can top it by collecting them all in a booklet for December 24)
  • Do you play an instrument? Play a song for your loved one every day!

Go cheap and fast!

  • Buy an orange and 24 cloves (Cheap, fast, brings back childhood memories)
  • Buy a Flax calendar (lottery calendar) (Cheap, fast, but will probably not save your marriage ;))

Go expensive and fast!

  • Buy a beer craft with 24 bottles. Wrap it up and write 1-24 on the top! (Maybe not so healthy, but I believe any man would be happy)
  • Buy a cosmetics calendar with 24 small products! (Any women would love this! Stay away from the one saying «Look younger in 24 days»)
  • Order a jig zaw puzzle with a printed photo of you to of 24 pieces, giving one piece a day! (It might be too late to order, since it is December 1, tomorrow)
  • A chocolat calendar with high quality chocolate! (Who does not love chocolate?)

So what did I make for Alexander? I will tell you tomorrow!

Do you have an adult advent calendar idea? Please share it!

Do you know someone who is working to much? Feel free to share my post in your social media!

Have a great Monday!

Cecilia 🙂

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