My surprise!

I promised, yesterday (Working too much?), to tell you which advent calendar I made. I do not work long days, but we live a busy 24/7 twin parents life. So I decided to make a special advent calendar for Alexander. This was my surprise!

1) An empty soda crate and some office supplies


2) 24 drinks

In the original version, you are supposed to buy 24 beer bottles. I decided to diversify it and bought different drinks. I chose labels that had a double meaning for us.

  • Local Sagene beer – remembering our first months we lived together in 2009
  • Coconut water – spending Christmas 2013 in Brazil
  • Longboard and Big wave – our love for Hawaii
  • A gift card from Joe & the Juice – we celebrated my birthday in 2010 at J&J CPH airport

3) Drinks into the crate

I looked at the calendar and placed the drinks according to weekdays/weekends and special occasions. The Sunday after our friends Christmas party, a Coca cola. Christmas eve, a small Champagne bottle.


4) Wrap up and stickers


5) Voila! The Advent calendar is ready!


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Advent hugs from,


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