A new Leadership style in town!

I am sorry! There is no single best style of leadership. Let your employees enter the circus menage, be curious or dare to be different! I am ready to tell you about my updated leadership style philosophy. Maybe my steps can inspire you to some action?

Photo: Stian Schioldborg, Magenta studios

My journey!

My journey has been long. I went back to my roots, to the family potato farm below the Arctic circle. I did a self evaluation and concluded that my leadership style needs to be upgraded. My closest colleagues gave me feedback, and I asked you readers, Do you dare to ask for feedback? A scary process, but I decided to be honest and unveiled my feedback! The next step was to look deeper into different leadership styles. Then I discovered three crucial questions outlined from extensive research. They point us in the correct direction on how to become a better leader.

How do I plan step it up?

My Leadership Style – v2.0

1) Use different leadership styles in different situations!

I have learned that there is no single best style of leadership. It is a combination. Like in sports, you have to change equipment according to the conditions. From my evaluation, I, especially, want to develop my visionary and coaching skills. Developing new skills will be done by getting a mentor/coach or joining courses. And not to forget, I often learn the most in my daily environment. I always enjoy working with people more skilled and experienced than myself!

2) Be myself, care and dare to be different!

This is maybe the easy part, continue to be myself! A human and sporty leader with a big heart for colleagues and clients. Still, there will be moments where doubts and fears make me question my choices. I must not be afraid to take on difficult challenges and dare to break established rules. I will continue to step out of my comfort zone!

3) Delegate and step out of the spotlight!

Over the last years, I have been letting go and I delegate a lot! A delegating leadership style invites your colleagues into the circus manege. I enjoy this more and more. I am at my proudest when a client or a colleague is kicking ass and shine like a star, with me in the shadow! Developing others is one of my main tasks as leader. This is not easy. Many times the clients say – We want you, Cecilia!  – Thanks, I appreciate your confidence in me! I will make sure this project will be a success for you, but I cannot do all the work!

Skjermbilde 2015-12-11 kl. 22.12.02

4) Take time to communicate clearly and listen!

I was told by my colleagues, that I communicate clearly, maybe too clear sometimes. I will continue to be direct. I strongly believe, that too many are too scared to be honest. It is not easy to tell the truth. But giving feedback, positive as negative, is a great gift! As long it is done professionally and deliberate. Me stepping it up is listening more and prioritize time to communicate.

5) Be curious and develop a more diversified network!

I should spend more time with the different people, read more right stories and be more present at the right places. My goal is to network more, both with clients, Deloitte, United Influencers and personally. This will develop my horizon. I will become better at anticipating change.

Photo: Stian Schioldborg

 I learned an expression called PowerFriends from super coach Gry Sinding! These are people who are very skilled in their area. Skills I do not have, but that I need to move on. People I can turn to in difficult situations. I am more that happy to be your PowerFriend!

6) Have a healthy work/life balance

I love my family and I love my job. This will be my biggest challenge and a weekly battle! I do not believe that I will be a bad mother, because I continue to pursue my management consulting career, write a blog and do sports. Securing a work/life balance involves saying No! I will continue to be exclusive on which roles and responsibilities I take on, both professionally and privately.


In order to reduce surprises and discussions, Alexander and I schedule everything in a joint calendar. Short notice changes happen, but we try to step in for each other. We try to make sure that one of us put the twin boys first at all times.

Finally, I believe, that what matters most is to be 100 % present, when being at home or being at work.

Thank you so much for following my journey!

What is your experience? What is most important, when it comes to your leadership style?

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Have a stylish weekend!

Cecilia :***

PS1 – All photos of me – Thanks to photographer Stian Schioldborg at Magenta studios for a great photoshoot on a freezing December day at Tjuvholmen, Oslo 🙂

PS3 – I will publish a short piece in a few days about how to change behavior! Stay tuned!

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