The blog year 2015 – my 3 most popular posts!

Six months ago, I started writing on my blog. After two months, in September, I felt ready to launch it. 58 published blog posts and thousands of visitors. I am very happy that my blog have reached out to so many! Again, my motivation is to inspire young upcoming leaders and experienced leaders who feel stuck in the same roundabout! It is all about leadership and life. Here are top 3!

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This year has been the most intense year in my life. In January, we came home from the hospital with our twin boys. From then, it has been a constant race 24/7. Busy days, but I have never had so much a good balance in my life and peace in my heart. The whole family took the time-out of our life, spending six weeks on Maui. During the stay, I launched the blog. So far, it has a been a very positive experience.

Here are the most read blog posts:

1) My battle – Motherhood vs Leadership career

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After reading about many female leaders in my profession who took very short maternity leaves, I decided to share a different story. I am not trying to be a super woman, and decided to stay home for more than one year. More than 2.500 have read my story. Have you? Motherhood vs Leadership career!

2) 5 actions to create a better workplace!


When I spent six weeks on Maui, I was inspired by the Aloha lifestyle and mindset. Thinking about all you guys sitting in the office, while I enjoyed the wind and waves I defined five advices. The first one was – Care about your colleague sitting next to you! The following four, you find here Five actions! The blog post was originally published in Norwegian!

3) A new leadership style in town!

Cecilia and twins

Photo: Stian Schioldborg

This autumn it has been a lot about leadership style! Instead of attending courses, I went on a self-examining journey. Reading, writing, asking for feedback and some more thinking! A series of seven blog posts! This is the final one – A new style!

Many people ask me how I have the energy to write a blog. Well, being curious and open-minded give me tons of energy! I did not use to like writing so much. I have always been a powerpoint queen! This has changed dramatically. Writing forces to me make reflect and take a stand. Doing it publicly forces me to take actions!

So, from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for reading! A special thanks to all of you who share your own experiences and gave feedback!

Looking to 2016

A new year is coming up. New chapters are to be filled! I really look forward to share my thoughts and experiences with you. For the next months, the board room will be my main theme. Sharing my experiences from the last decade as a board member and chairman of the board. In addition, there will be post about leadership inspired by my daily life. Nothing is more inspiring, than when colleagues and friends say – Hi, why dont´t you write a blog post about this!?

The family of four is also planning some new sideways travels. As last time on Maui, we invite you to join us.

I also have some half written blog posts about sports politics. They are ready to be polished and published! My heart will always beat for action sports, challenging the established traditional sports world!

I hope you will continue to follow my stories! I have just installed Drip, a subscription tool. My goal is to publish two blogposts per week. Please feel free to join my mailing list. You can register in the box at the bottom right corner!

Hope to see you in 2016!

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Have a wonderful and bubbly New Year´s Eve!

Love from Cecilia – for the time being, going sideways, in the mountain village Hemsedal! 🙂

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