The key to master the art of business relationships!

Have you attended meetings, where people talk, talk, talk, or plan, plan, plan! You pull your hair out. Maybe you get ignorant, start checking e-mails or writing down the plan, as you believe it should be. Alarm! Well performing team play together like a harmonized orchestra. The key is to know other peoples´ personalities and how to get the best out of each other! I will share a secret weapon, that will get you there!

I have taken many personal tests in my life. Extrovert or introvert, an ENTJ, ISFP or blablabla. I am excited there and then, but it is too cryptical. The next day, I have forgotten about it. Fortunately, I have learned a new tool which quickly has become a part of my daily business life.

My secret weapon – designed for business!

Deloitte has developed Business chemistry. First, you test yourself and understand yourself. Second, test on someone else and understand other. Third, you use the results to adapt your style.

Being a partner at Deloitte, I took the full test of 70 behavioral questions. Phew! The good news is that a short version of 20 questions is free online. You find it here -> Deloitte´s business chemistry test.


Business personalities are defined by combination of Pioneer, Driver, Guardian and Integrator. Easy terms to understand personality types in business. They are easy to remember and use in our daily language. You will always be a combination of the four types. My results will be published in my next blog post!

The four types!

The driver – who likes logic, systems and laser focus on goals! Maybe Angela Merkel is a typical driver!

The pioneer – who likes variety, possibilities and generating ideas! Richard Branson is the ultimate pioneer!

The integrator – who likes personal connection and seeing how pieces fit together! Bill Clinton is a true integrator!

The guardian – who likes concrete details and stability, trusting what is tried and true! Queen Victoria was a true guardian, setting out to do her job right!

Why is it important?

Your new knowledge can be used to master the art of relationship development. It works both on an individual basis and for teams. I will use it in future projects. The goal will be to make sure we have a diverse team with different personalities. A team, where we are conscious and respectful about each others personalities. So the next time, you get frustrated about someones behavior. Take a time out and try to understand their personality. Have can to work best together?

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Have a great week! It is freezing in Oslo! A good time to curl up in front of the fire place, take the test and learn more about personalities. Maybe you can make your team play like a world class orchestra!

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