The solutions for us who don`t find time to read books!

I like exciting books, but I have trouble reading them! Either I do not find the time, I find it difficult to sit still or I find the first chapter boring. It has annoyed me. I am missing out on so much, a whole world. Last week, I cracked the code – for us who don`t find time to read books! 

The obvious solution

A colleague advised me to read the book The Age of Generosity by Katrine Aspaas. – Hmh.. well.. I have planned to do it, but blabla..time… twins.. blabla… heavy.. tired.. blabla... My colleague had «read» it while she was out on her morning runs. This sounded interesting.

The answer was obvious and embarrassing simple, audiobook. I have not used this since I bought CDs.

On the bus on my way home from work, I downloaded an app (Storytel). Here I find both English and Norwegian books.

Photo: Glen Noble,
Photo: Glen Noble,

No more boring bus rides

By becoming a book listener, I have also solved a daily boring 50 minutes in my life. When my office moved downtown some years ago, I had to start taking the bus to work. It is only 25 minutes door to door, but for me it feels like wasted time. I have been reading, but then only documents related to work, but often the bus is full and I have to stand. Or I write blog ideas on my phone or surf the internet. I actually feel a bit stressed on the bus. Not the best start of the day!

Now, I have found my own little world on the bus, standing or sitting, listening Katrine Aspaas sharing her generous topics.


And I already have found the next book and the next one and the next one.

Have a good week!

Cecilia :*

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