The winners – Young executive of the year 2015!

It became the women’s night at the Young executive of the year 2015. 200 were reduced to 10, and finally three highly talented women entered the winners’ stand.  I was lucky, to be the first one, to talk to the winner, Ingeborg Morken.

The female grand slam! From left: 2nd place Kine Stirler Alm, Adecco Norge AS, 1st place Ingeborg Morken, Fjordkraft AS, 3rd place Marit Garvik, Atea AS. Photo: Stig Jarnes

Ingeborg Morken (37) is the head of sales, marketing and product management at Fjordkraft AS. Her first words are: – I am still a bit shocked. Of course, I hoped to win, but I did not believe it. My leaders and employees had given me good feedback and recommendations. Still, the whole top ten group looked very strong!

A new generation of female leaders

The lack of women in top executive positions has been a hot topic lately. Today, we see three young women at the top. – I find this great. We have read comments in the media, where it is claimed that women do not dare to take on positions. I do not believe this, and a new generation is on its way. We dare!

Still, we meet many prejudices. I am a leader and a mother. From time to time, I feel on the expectations from the society. Fortunately, I am sure that my husband and my kids do not find my leadership position to be a problem.

A winner’s leadership style

Today, I have talked to several other candidates and asked them about their leadership style! Tell me about yours! – The most important for me, is to see the whole person. As a leader, you must know your employees. What are their personalities? How do they want their feedback? How often? What do they need? What are their concerns?

I focus on not taking the honor for good achievements. We deliver together. We celebrate together!

I do not have one specific role model. I have been privileged and have been surrounded by many good leaders. I steal 😉 the best and adapt it to my leadership style.

Moments that matters!

We all have proud moments and tough time as leaders. Do you want to share some moments and where do get the energy to keep on going? – A proud moment was not a specific happening, more a process. I had taken on a new departement, but could not crack the code. I was a bit frustrated. We all took a good summer vacation. Back, after a good rest, we had a new start and everything turned out for the best. Sometimes time can help you out! 

My toughest moments are when we are implementing large projects. Project and line organization, ICT, processes and change management. It is not always easy to stay true to my leadership principles in those processes!

I believe it very important for leaders to have energy sources. Where do you recharge your batteries? – I like to work-out. Many problems are solved during physical activity.  And, of course, spending time with my family.

One last advice to other upcoming leaders? – Grab chances when they appear! It is never perfect timing! Just go for it!

The winner. Photo: Stig Jarnes
The winner. Photo: Stig Jarnes

Thanks, Ingeborg! Inspiring to hear your thoughts!

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Cecilia 🙂

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