3 at Young Executive of the Year 2015

They are the millennials, also known as generation Y. They are technology experts and can work from anywhere. They want constant feedback. And they will not stay to get that golden loyalty watch. The world is small. Life is short. Time is fast. They are not the leaders of the future. They are already great leaders of today! Today, I met a whole bunch of them! 

The prestigious award

I was invited to the ‘Young Executive of the Year’ conference. An award and a conference with a mission challenge young, talented executives in Norwegian companies. Since 2009, Assessit has been grilling, testing and evaluating talented young (< 40 years) executives. The goal? To choose one winner of a prestigious award!

The conference is much more than the award. Interesting speeches and plenty of networking. I challenged three candidates to learn more about how they got here and their thoughts on leadership!

3 on 5 at Young Executive of the Year 2015

1) Eirin Wille, Head of HR and communication, OMV Norge


Why are you here: I am a nominated candidate for the award. I must admit, it feels like a victory to be nominated by my own employees. I am here for them. The conference is also great place to network.

Your key leadership principles: Attitude and behavior. I always stay true to my values, both at work and in life in general.

Your proudest moment as a leader: The day I learned that my employees had nominated me. I am humble!

Your career ambitions: Oh yes! I want to see more women in executive positions in large Norwegian companies. I want to challenge the established.

Your best advice to other young leaders: Be humble, curious, never give up. You are contributing to something, which is greater than yourself!

2) Ådne Skurdal, CEO, Quality Strand Hotel


Why are you here: Being CEO at Quality Strand Hotel is my first major executive position, and I have achieved could results. A leader and friend, whom I have worked with for more than a decade, nominated me.

Your key leadership principles: Hmm.. a difficult question. I try to walk the talk, be a good role model and help out on many levels. I am honest about the company’s situation. I set a direction and make demands.

Your proudest moment as a leader: Making a speech at the Christmas lunch, celebrating employee awards and share the good results that we have achieved together.

Your career ambition: I like turning hotels from trouble to success. And it would be great to run a prestigious hotel in a major city!

Your best advice to other young leaders: Hard work pays off!

3) Gunilla Hansson, Head of operations, Strålfors


Why are you here: My boss and head of HR nominated me. I can show to good results, especially in quality.

Your key leadership principles: I always have a positive and curious attitude. By knowing my area of responsibility well, I am able to have a dialogue both upwards and downwards. It is important for me to be engaged in my employees. I also have a strong inner motivation to deliver good resultats.

Your proudest moment as a leader: For months, we had experienced a decrease in quality. We worked so hard together, and eventually we managed to change the trend. A collective achievement.

Your career ambition: A constant personal development. My inner motivation is interesting areas.

Your best advice to other young leaders: Take a challenge. Jump!

Thumbs up for the millennials! Read more about the millennials in Deloitte’s global Millennial survey 2016!

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Stay tuned, the winner will be announced later this evening!

Cecilia – 100 % inspired 🙂

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