Be super efficient – step 1 Mind mapping

I do not want to brag, but the word in the office says that I am super efficient. Just ask my colleagues! On Tuesdays, the next four weeks, I will share my best advice on how to reduce time waste in your daily business life. First step, mind mapping!

Left and right brain hemispheres

Step 1 Mind mapping

I have always been a big fan of mind mapping. I hardly ever use note books. I threw them away a long time ago. Mind mapping is especially efficient if you are at the start of a project, a task or brainstorming an idea. Working as a management consultant, my mind maps are often the start of a delivery – a report disposal, a project plan, a business plan or just a list of tasks.

I use the free downloadable program called Freemind. Fairly easy to use, easy to edit, update and it can be exported to word, excel, jpg or pdf. Below you see an example from a mind map I made when I was planning this blog.

Skjermbilde 2016-02-16 kl. 17.10.37

Happy mind mapping!

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Cecilia 🙂

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