Be super efficient – step 2 Make weekly goals

Last week, we structured our minds. My next tip is to make concrete weekly goals and define how you want to FEEL when you are working on your tasks! This is what I do!

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Last week, I wrote about how I use mind mapping to structure ideas, plans and deliverables. When your mind is structured, it is time get things done. I learned this trick from Gry Sinding, a successful super coach.

There are several reasons, why we do not get things done. We are overwhelmed by the goals. We get distracted with e-mails, social media. We do the wrong actions.

Normally, I set a high level long term goal, for instance for a year. Then, I make a very specific short term goal for the next three months. Finally, I make weekly plans for the next four weeks, where I am very specific. I define:

  • A key frase – telling me the focus of the week
  • What – 3-5 tasks I must accomplish in order to reach my goals
  • Who – people I am dependent on, in order to carry out my tasks
  • How – do I want to feel each week
  • Reduce waste – what do I use in spare moments
  • Which – leadership styles do I emphasize each week (check out my blog post about leadership styles!)

Below you see a real example from when I re-launched my blog on a new domain and in English!


On Fridays every second week, I update my rolling plan. I might I have to move some tasks or make other adjustments. But the bottom line is – I stay focused and I get the work done! Try it!

Happy planning!

Stay tuned for next Tuesday! Then, it is time handle your growing mailbox!

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