Ready for a true adventure into the wild!

This blog has been a lot about leadership lately. Finally, all is set for a new adventure. I feel so privileged. Four days, four wheels, two super duper blogger travel companions, one exotic country and one photographer!


Number 8 was my lucky lot to an adventure. Maybe it is because it is my sisters lucky number. Six weeks ago, I attended a meeting at United Influencers. Every blogger got a lot. There was a draw and here I am, weeks later, packing.

Where am I going and with whom? I cannot wait to tell you! Just stay tuned for blog, Instagram (ceciliaflatum), Facebook and snapchat (cecilianorway) updates.

This is what I bring!

  • Reindeer shoes
  • High heels
  • Wind protection clothes
  • Leather pants
  • Wool clothes
  • Workout clothes (I am traveling with some very fit people)
  • Mac
  • A lot more

6 Fun facts about my destination

  1. The inhabitants believe in elves
  2. They do not have surnames, and are listed in the telephone directory alphabetically by first name.
  3. There are no forests (but lots of beautiful landscape)
  4. Beer was illegal until 1989
  5. Mosquitoes do not exist here
  6. A gold medalist from X Games Big Air comes from my destination

Stay tuned for daily updates from my travel companions and me!

Cecilia :***

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