I can’t believe they convinced us to do it!

Arctic landscape, sizzling volcanos, warm lagunes, monster trucks with BIG suspensions, a lot of snow, great new friends and a lot of fun! And a challenge, where I was out my comfort zone!

I have spent the last three days on Iceland with my travel blogger companions Camilla Aastorp Andersen, aka Treningsfrue and Espen Hilton. In addition Rolf Ørjan Høgseth from Virus followed us making the arctic documentary, Bloggers on Iceland with Arctic Trucks and Iceland Air!

Photo: Espen Hilton

Driving on two meters of snow!

For the last days, we have been «living» in a red monster truck. The first day we drove into the wild arctic countryside. More than 100 kilometers on paved road. The road ended. We deflated the truck tires, and kept on going with two meters of snow under our wheels! We drove 40 kilometers off track. It felt like a «hydrofoil», but on snow. Hmm.. correction, some times flying over the snow and sometimes stuck spinning. Fortunately, help was always near. Palmi was pulling us out with his super monster truck.


The trip was long. After nine hours of driving, we ended up at Landmannalaugar hut, close to the volcano Hekla, at 3am. This place is very popular for tourists during summer, but during winter hardly any tourists get here.

Next morning (or I mean the same morning) after only three hours sleep, it was time to continue the drive. But Camilla and I was challenged to take a bath. At first we refused. I believed it was a man made jacuzzi! Then we realized how special this was. We gladly jumped into the warm lagune and cooled off in the snow. A once in a life-time experience.

D(r)iving into the river!

On day 2 it was my time to drive with Espen as co-driver. The trip started with an exiting river crossing, before we drove over the snow white hills for some hours. My heart was beating pretty fast when the snow got deep or we were driving up or down steep hillsides! Now and then we had to stop and adjust the pressure in the huge tires.

Photo: Espen Hilton

Back on the tourist track!

Going down we had the most spectacular view! The weather can change quickly, so we were super lucky! We made a stop at Gullfoss. A famous waterfall shaped as a wide curved three-step «staircase» before it plunges down the valley. An obligatory selfie moment!

Photo: Espen Hilton

After Gullfoss, we made the short drive to check out the Great geysir. We waited and waited! Bang! 70 meters of hot water was hurled 50 meters up into the air. Check out the video I made, but being very easily frightened the camera is shaking…

After more than 24 hours on the road, with pumping adrenalin, a lot of talking and laughing and very little sleep, I passed out at the cabin at Minniborgir. I look forward to more of Iceland!

I heart Iceland!

Cecilia :*

PS1: A million thanks to Espen Hilton for sharing his great photos. The rookie blogger came to Iceland with a flat camera battery. #lessonlearned

PS2: Check out the teasers for the arctic documentary!

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