5 things I learned from two professional bloggers

Iceland was a great journey. We experienced beautiful arctic country, from remote places to famous tourist attractions. In addition, I learned a lot about driving, monster trucks, working out and blog life!


The differential..what? Well, just press the buttons!

Driving on two meters of snow requires knowledge about handling the truck, the gas pedal, the differential locks 😉 and deflating/inflating tires. Fortunately, the bloggers kicked ass behind the wheel. We did not get stuck that many times! A real piece of team work in the Blogger truck!


We left the group!

On the last day, we escaped the rest of the group. It was wet, windy and foggy. The caravan of trucks was heading up into a foggy volcano. Sorry guys! We need to release some energy and headed for the hotel gym. It is not everyday, I get to work-out with PT Treningsfrue. And Espen, well.. he had his own thing going on 😉

Skjermbilde 2016-03-10 kl. 20.30.26

5 eye-openers!

Long drives, primitive cabins, late nights and early mornings can be challenging. This was not the case for the happy trio on wheels. We are all strong characters, who like to talk and be social! But we had such a great time. I am so blessed that I was given the opportunity to learn to know Camilla and Espen.

This is what I learned from the two professional bloggers:

  • No free lunch! Professional bloggers work hard. I do not think many people realize how much work it takes to publish everyday! Respect!
  • Sharing and caring! In many industries, there can be jealousy, competition and little willingness co-operate. I love the quote from super coach Gry Sinding – Relax, there is enough success for everyone! The three of us are bloggers in different fields, size and language. We discussed blog posts, angles and linked to each other on the blogs and in our social medias. Working together as a team creates a better result! Help someone today, tomorrow it might be you who need a helping hand.
  • Photos, photos, photos! This rookie blogger went the trip with a flat battery. I did not even know how handle my new camera. Mr honest Espen said to me: – You are not very good at taking pictures, are you...? – Help! No, I find it difficult and frustrating! It is all about the light, said Camilla! I even watched a You Tube tutorial for my Fujifilm X-T10 one morning at 5am to learn more. And I did learn more. I followed the good advices. I got more confident with my camera. On the last day, I was taking photos like a crazy. And yes, it is perfectly okay to take photos of yourself.
  • Social media! It is not only about the blog. Snap chat and Instagram were updated the most frequently. On the flight back I finalized my own social media strategy. Espen was a good discussion partner. Camilla and I made our first instant Facebook video in the blue lagoon. 1400 have seen our impulsive video from the Blue lagoon! You find it on my personal Facebook page.
  • Give of yourself! My goal is to write a personal leadership blog. I share my personal thoughts on leadership, travel and social debates. Through discussions with Camilla and Espen, I realized that I can share more of my personal life on the blog. How to make quick and healthy meals for a busy family? How to find time to stay fit? And finally, a thing I never thought I would do – share a bikini photo on my blog. But what a h***! I have a 40 years old body, which recently gave birth to twins. People might frown their eyebrows on some of the photos, but when you are on Iceland, jumping into lagunes is a part of the pack!

Thanks for following our trip! I hope you have seen the teasers produced by Rolf Ørjan Høgseth from Virus. They can be seen here on Facebook!


I hope to experience more trips like this. I could drive anywhere, race polar bears to the North pole or to experience Bedouin nights is Arabia!

Have a great Friday! Soon weekend!

I looking forward to the Norwegian championships in halfpipe. This stiff body is not participating, but I look forward to meet snowboard friends and bring my dear twin boys to the event!

Cecilia :***

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