Do you want see my personal results?

In my blogpost, The key to master the art of business relationships!, I shared my secret tool to understand other peoples personalities. Time to unveil my own personal results!

Photo: Stian Schioldborg

I use Deloitte’s Business Chemistry test, which focus on four main personal traits.

  • The driver – who likes logic, systems and laser focus on goals! Maybe Angela Merkel is a typical driver!
  • The pioneer – who likes variety, possibilities and generating ideas! Richard Branson is the ultimate pioneer!
  • The integrator – who likes personal connection and seeing how pieces fit together! Bill Clinton is a true integrator!
  • The guardian – who likes concrete details and stability, trusting what is tried and true! Queen Victoria was a true guardian, setting out to do her job right!

My business personality

My strongest characteristics are 44 % Pioneer and 42 % Driver. My colleagues and friends are probably not surprised ;).

The Pioneer in me like generate ideas, be spontaneous, network and step into the unknown. Sometimes I make decisions too fast and I do have to change my mind from time to time. Still, I will rather test out new ideas and make some mistakes, instead of not making any decisions at all.

The Driver in me is direct and tough minded, competitive and skeptical. I do not like waiting and talk-talk-talk meetings. 🙂


How do I use it in my daily work life?

When I meet other pioneers, the room explodes of energy. We fly to the moon and back, or maybe we get stuck out in outer space. Hey! Can a Guardian join the meeting, in order to ground our big ideas, please?

When I meet other drivers, we agree quickly. No small talk in this meeting. Hey! Can a Integrator join the meeting. Help us to listen more, share more stories and establish a stronger connection!

When I meet guardians, I must be on time and bring facts to the table. I try to shut up and control my energy. I do want not scare them off!

When I meet integrators, I must breath slower, relax, sit back, listen and engage in each others stories. These days, I am really practicing to develop my integrator skills. I do this by being conscious about how I listen, use my body language and engage in finding consensus.

And remember, we are all a mix of these personalities! My reflections above are a bit black and white. The most important is to be conscious about other peoples business characteristics, respect them and communicate more efficiently.

Do you want to take the test? There is a version of 20 questions is free online. You find it here -> Deloitte´s business chemistry test.

Happy Easter!

Cecilia :***

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