How a working twin mother fakes a «perfect» garden!

I grew up on a farm and I have always loved outside work. Now living in the city, outside work means gardening. But these days, it is not a priority! No «super efficiency at the work place» advice this week!

It is Easter, let’s step-up the garden in no time!


Professional gardeners will probably raise their eyebrows. This is NOT gardening, they might claim. I do agree! This is what you do, when you want to minimize garden work and prioritize other things.

Living in the city, we are very lucky to have a small garden. We use it daily. It is perfect for play time, BBQs, relaxing or having friends over.

My 4 advices!

  1. Keep the flowers in the pots! We have a rose grid. Instead of having roses, I have hung up eight tin pots. I change from summer flowers, to heather flowers during winter time, to spring flowers during Easter. I was IKEA yesterday, and the had narciss flowers for only 9 NOK (€1). The «work» today, changing pots and watering, took me 5 minutes.
Spring set-up
vinter og sommer
Winter set-up and Summer set-up

2) Grass and stones! Our garden is all grass surrounded by stone, no flower beds. For me flower beds = trouble and work! The grass only need some chalk and eco-friendly chicken manure a few times from April to September. It is an initial investment, but it is worth it.

Green summer look! Photos from some years ago!

3) Multi-annual flower leeks! Three winters ago, I planted 30 flower leeks in one part of the garden. They still return every year. A bit all over the place, but who cares! 1 hour three years ago, 0 minutes this year.


4) Vinegar kills weed! My biggest enemy in the garden is weed, especially dandelions. They pop up everywhere! I use an old and eco-friendly remedy. The trick is to pour some vinegar one the roots and they will die off. 

Okay, enough gardening! We are packing the car! Time to head for the mountains!



Happy gardening!

Cecilia :*

PS – And sometimes, we pimp our garden, properly, surfers’ style! 🙂


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