My love and hate relationship!

I was counting down the days till our Easter holiday, looking forward to some days of relaxing. To my surprise, my Easter stress-down meditation came from an unexpected love and hate source.

A love and hate relationship!

They say we Norwegians are born with skis on our feet. I was no exception. My family is a true cross-country family! We are three sisters and we competed from an early age. I did my first cross country competition as a two year old!

I loved it and I hated it. I loved it when I entered competitions. I loved my childhood cross country idols. I had posters Vegard Ulvang and Bjørn Dæhlie, not Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe, on my walls.

I hated it, when I dreamed about being allowed to go alpine skiing at Skillevollen or do jazz ballett at Tip Toe studio.


I left cross-country competitions at the age of 16. My new passion was telemark skiing.

Four years later, I lost my heart, forever, to snowboarding. I fell in love with the freedom, the passion, the playfulness and the social aspects of the sport!

Today, I am 40 years old. I am twin mother and there is little time alone time. This Easter holiday, I clicked on my cross country skis once again. Time for some quality alone time.

I have had daily trips on my older sister’s 20 year old Fischer skis. 🙂 I have remembered my father’s waxing skills. Concrete grip uphills and full speed down hills! And I have really enjoyed it!


I –

  • Love gliding through the beautiful scenery, a perfect meditation
  • Love having music in my ears, blocking the world out
  • Hate it, when I can’t stick to my technique or have the wrong waxing and I slide backwards
  • Love the rush of blood through my veins, recharging my batteries
  • Hate the taste of blood in my mouth, when my heart is pumping real hard
  • Love it, when I have good grip going uphill
  • Hate it, when I am super scared going fast downhill
  • Love the feeling, when I am back at the cabin!

Have a great Easter eve! Get out, release some energy and feel that heart pump!

Cecilia :***

PS – Some take cross country meditation to a higher level, have you seen Treningsfrue’s tripod yoga stand? What a woman!

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