Be super efficient – step 5 Use OneNote

In step 1, I wrote about Mindmapping, a tool which is ideal for structuring ideas. My rule is to always make notes once electronically, not on paper.

OneNote is the ideal tool for your daily notes, minutes or To-Do lists. The notes can be saved online. You can access them from your computer or your phone, and can easily be shared with your friends and colleagues.

My best and basic advices!

I cannot share my OneNotes from work, because of confidentiality. So, I made some dummy notes for this blog post! I guess many of you already have OneNote already on your computer or you find it on App store.

1. Easy access. Create a shortcut on your desktop.

2. You can make separate notebooks, to separate and structure your notes! Just click on the +

Skjermbilde 2016-03-28 kl. 20.32.19

3. Within each notebook, you make different sections. Just click on the + (illustration below)

4. I always have one To-Do section. This is a list I update continuously via my computer or my iPhone

Skjermbilde 2016-03-28 kl. 20.57.44

4. I have a standard template for my minutes or more informal notes. Within each section, I add a page for each of the meeting minutes. This is a great advantage! If I rush into a meeting and need find my notes from my previous meetings, I do not have to search in the Explorer for word documents. Or even worse, a book with my handwritten scribbles. I have all in one place. (And of course, if it is a formal meeting, I use agreed on word templates)

Skjermbilde 2016-03-28 kl. 20.48.00

5. Use the App! If someone ask you to follow up a task. It can easily be forgotten. Normally, you have your phone available, wherever you are. Make a quick update of your To-Do list and you have it all in one place!

Skjermbilde 2016-03-28 kl. 21.26.37

I use the basic features. Below you find a nice overview from a Quick Start Guide I found on Microsoft support.

Skjermbilde 2016-03-28 kl. 20.50.47

Go crazy!

OneNote has many more possiblities, which I have never tried.

  • OneNote can read your handwritten page title and convert it to text automatically
  • OneNote can do your calculus
  • OneNote can record your meetings
  • OneNote has many fancy colored templates

Become a OneNoter! You will work more efficient and be more flexible!

Cecilia 😀

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