Have you seen the most beautiful place in Europe? Part 2

Part 1 gave you the travel, surf and stay essentials at the Azores. I hope part 2 will inspire the rest of the family or your better half to join the trip!

What to do on the Azores when there are no waves?

I do not know, where to start! The Azores is so beautiful. Most of the interesting places to visit were just a short drive away from the surf beaches. Every day, between tides and surf, we went on exciting adventures.


We visited:

  • The stunning Caldeira das Sete Cidades, a twin lake – Lagoa Verde (green) and Lagoa Azul (blue), in a volcano crater, on the western part of Sao Miguel
  • Lagoa de Santiago, not far away from Lagoa Verde and Azul
IMG_0017 2
Lagoa de Santiago
  • Lagoa do Fogo, a short 12 km drive up a mountain from St. Barbara beach
  • Thermal waters on our way to Lagoa do Fogo
  • Caldeiras da Lagoa das Furnas, hot springs and geysirs on the east side of the island
Lagoa do Fogo
  • The idyllic tea factory Porto Formoso, on the north shore. This one of the only two tea plantations in Europe for industrial purposes.
  • We drove a long the north coast and south coast, stopped in small villages and dived into the clear blue waters! It was like driving in a fairytale, beautiful flowers and scenery wherever we went!

Final words!

When we leave a place, we always ask ourselves. Do we want to come back?

The answer for Azores is a big yes! We will return when the twin boys a bigger and can try on some surfing and join us on beautiful hikes!

I can highly recommend it!

Have a nice trip! Remember – traveling sideways is more fun!

Cecilia 🙂

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