I need help(!!) to find the best female leadership blogs!!

I am on a mission, on a search, and I need your help. Many times, I have googled «best leadership blogs». Many top lists appear, i.e. the 100 best leadership blogs. What do I find? Lists of 90+ men and a few women! All respect to the men, but I do believe there are more good female leadership blogs out there!


Is there a glass ceiling, when it comes to women and leadership blogs? Maybe, but I do not care. I care about finding other female leadership blogs and share more inspiration from different corners of the world!

Check out the blog post, where I present 50 female leadership blogs!


How can you help in one minute? So easy!

  • Comment below! Write a web address or two to your favorite female leadership blog(s) in the comment field below! If you have an extra minute, tell us why you like this particular blog!
  • Yes! You can nominate yourself! (Men do ;))
  • Share this blog post in your social media and engage others
  • Use my SoMe! Check out my Facebook (Leadership & Life), Instagram or Twitter account (both ceciliaflatum)! I will make a post there as well. Tag a friend!

What type of female leadership blogs?

Are you wondering – I am not sure if this is a leadership blog!? I am thinking about two categories.

  • Professional female bloggers, where the blog is a part of their company. One example is SheTakesOnTheWorld by Natalie MacNeil. They are authors, key note speakers and/or coaches.
  • Female CXOs, writing a leadership blog, in co-operation with their employer or have personal blog. My best example here is the Norwegian blog Tinteguri, written by Anita Krohn-Traaseth, CEO at Innovation Norway.
  • Any language! I will make to lists – English and non English. Hopefully, google translate will come in handy.

Together, we can create a good list of female leadership bloggers! I wish I had a big prize to hand out, but the only thing I can offer is shared inspiration.

Please, share this blog post in your social media! Spread the word! 🙂

Cecilia :***

4 kommentarer

  1. Hi Cecilia!
    I love your site and your message for and about women!
    I’ve been passionate about supporting women become leaders in their personal and professional life for the past 15 years!

    1. Thanks Maria! I justed checked your webpage, http://www.newayscenter.com! What a great company you have! All the best!

  2. This blog is good and useful. I think it can help everyone. Thank you for posting this type of blog….

    1. Thank you for the motivational feedback! I also check gender balance in top lists, and very find an unjustified unbalance. So then we must make our own lists 🙂

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