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Yeah! It is Super Tuesday.  Thank you for reading one of my weekly posts about how to work more efficient. One of my mantras is that it is not about the number of hours you work. It is all about how you work!

One of the reasons many of us have a too much work, is the fact that we steal our employees’ work. Stop it! You fill up your day and do sabotage their development! I have done it so many times. It feels like I am stepping on someone’s toes!

Photo: Stian Schioldborg

How to go solo all night long!

  1. I ask someone to do a task
  2. I receive a draft a couple of days later
  3. I have LOTS of comments and feedback!
  4. I do not return the work with comments. I start editing and finalize everything myself…and there goes my evening!
  5. The tasks get done, but I stayed up all night and my colleague feels bad! (S)he missed the opportunity to fulfill the task and develop herself/himself

How to trim you workday and develop others!

  1. I ask someone to do a task, and I take time to explain the purpose and the expectations
  2. I receive a draft a couple of days later
  3. I have comments and feedback, and use the Comments function to give my feedback and return it
  4. The next day I get a new draft (which hopefully is close to 100 %)
  5. I do a final quality control and the final changes

In the daily work life, it is not this straight forward. But the key message this Super Tuesday, is – Return work, instead of doing it all yourself!

This is how you trim so workload off your busy day! Time you can transform into more work ;), precious family time or go running!


Have a great Super Tuesday!

Cecilia 🙂

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