I am so glad I said Yes!

Being a Yes person pays off! Many people ask me, why I constantly find myself in new situations, in new industries and meet a lot of new people. The truth is, I follow my passion and keep stepping out of my comfort zone. Last weekend, I attended United Influencer’s annual kick-off. I did not win the kick-off diamond challenge by Thune, but I had lots of fun!


My lucky choice!

Before I launched my blog, I had two alternatives. I could establish a stand alone web page or sign a contract with a blog platform. After some meetings with United Influencers, an influencers marketing agency, I decided to follow my gut feeling. I signed, even though I am the only business blogger. My blogger colleagues write about fashion, photography, interiors, fitness, gardening, food and a lot more. And recently they also signed the communication podcast Mediapuls.

I learn so much from all the great people at United Influencers. New adventures come my way, and I jump on the train.

The Kick-off

Strömstad Spa was our destination. These three lovely girls arrived with style! Video shoot with my co-driver Treningsfrue and the inspiring interior experts Franciskas vakre verden and Marianne Haga Kinder in the back seat!


The weekend tasted like a great cocktail. We learned how to improve our writing by text doctor Christine Calvert and got introduced to the future of social media by Noel Tock.


We cycled the small island of Koster and bounced back home in a Rib.


Saturday evening it was time to dress up dinner and concerts. The night reached its climax with a live and intimate concerts by Morgan Sulele and Vinnie!

Cam_Cec_Back drop

But most important, I got to know new friends! No matter, what we are writing about on our blogs, we share the same passion for writing and we have a lot to learn from each other.

After the weekend, I am more inspired than ever to continue developing my blog. Maybe a PodCast or video blog will appear in 2016!

Thanks for following and reading! <3

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Cecilia 🙂


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