Is Life Over At 40?

This week I turned 41. People claim that the 40s are the new 30s. A scant consolation, but the truth is, I am now closer to 50 than 30. Is life over at 40?

Where did the last 365 days go? For a year, I planned to host my 40s party. Suddenly, it was too late. They say that time speeds up, after having kids. I totally agree. But do I panic? Is a mid-life crisis coming my way?

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A late bloomer!

At the start of my 20s, I was a student in Trondheim and Glasgow. I had self confidence, when it came to sports and my intellectual skills. I did not have enough self confidence, when it came to be adventurous, travel the world and be a confident woman.

Eventually, I hit 30! I have always called myself a late bloomer. My 30s have, so far, been the best decade in my life. During these ten years, I met Alexander, I became a mother of my dearest twin boys, I traveled the world and I have been successful at work. All these happenings have completed the Cecilia puzzle. Sometimes I fly high, but I will always have my childhood on the potato farm in my backbone.

Is my body falling apart?

Many of us, 40 year olds, feel young in heart and spirit. Great, but our body clocks are ticking. I read an article in the DailyMail. Here are some «fun» facts:

  • My brain started aging already in the 20s. As we speak, I am losing 10.000 brain cells every day.
  • My breasts started aging at 35. And after having twins, they have lost tissue and fat!
  • My heart starts aging these days! Fortunately, women have a lower risk of a heart attack compared to men. 😉
  • My muscles started aging ten years ago. This is why it is very important for women to lift weights!
  • My eyes started aging a year ago! I seriously experienced this. During autumn last year, I had a constant headache. I checked my eyes, and here I am typing with glasses on my nose.
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  • My fertility has plunged over the last five years. I am going fast towards the menopause. Help! I am so lucky to have two great and happy twin boys. I am so grateful for my two blue diamonds! But the window is closing for a third child.
  • Then finally, we have the skin. My skin started aging 16 years ago. Today, when I look in the mirror, my reflection gives the answer. Wrinkles, not only when smiling, twinkle back to me. How my skin ages is very related to my to my genes and what I eat and drink. Water, vegetables, fruit, little alcohol and of course no smoking. Hopefully, I have my mother genes. She is 73 and looks great!

Going through the list, might make me feel doomed. Fortunately, I was born with with a big sun inside my head. I always see things from the positive side. There no point in trying to change things, that cannot be changed. But we can influence the development of our body, by exercising, eating healthy, reduce stress and laugh a lot :).

I have always believed in accepting my age and aging with style! Who cares about bad eye sight? Just buy some nice glasses! Are your love handles growing? Well, that is just natural. Your metabolism is slowing down.

Is your marriage falling to pieces?

I read that more men than women experience a mid-life crisis. Maybe you start questioning your achievements in life. Maybe your career is not where you want it to be? Are your kids growing up, but your marriage is falling to pieces? According to Statistics Norway, most marriages fall apart during our 40s! Do you know this funny fact? Men choose a younger women, because it makes them feel younger. While, women feel that younger men, make them feel older.

Many buy their first sports car during their 40s. I did not get a sports car for my 41st birthday ;), but a slack line for our garden. What a great present!


Am I having a mid life crisis?

So, am I having symptoms of a mid life crisis? Diagnosing myself, I do not feel like it. I feel that my prioritize and values in life have changed over the last year. The main reason for this, is my twin boys. I strive to have a good balance in my life. Time with them is the most important.

Secondly, both Alexander and I are focused on traveling, staying fit and eating healthy! Experiences and health is more important than material goods. Finally, I am more focused on building a long term career and having interesting projects, instead of following short term money.

The truth is, I love being in my 40s! I am very confident about who I am and where I am in my life. I have also learned that life can be fragile and unexpected things can happen. Days come and go, remember that this is your life. Make the most out of it!

How about you? Are you in your 40s? Crisis or contentness?

Finally, I will give you one advice! Do you want to meet the person who can change your life? Go and take a look in the mirror!

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Have a great Sunday!

Cecilia :*

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