10 things you should tell your employees!

Super Tuesday! I started off this week with a 12 hours work day! I claim to be super efficient. This does not mean that I always have short days! This Monday was long, but it was great. The main reason for this was my colleagues. You can work as efficiently as you like. But if you don’t have the team with you, it’s useless! Check out the 10 things you should tell your employees.

Every day, I am surrounded with great people. This super Tuesday is dedicated to you guys! <3

10 things you should tell your employees!

  1. If you perform well, I will give you credit in public
  2. If you underperform, I will tell you in private
  3. If you mess up, I will be there for you, and take the punches
  4. If I step on your toes (check out blog post), tell me!
  5. I will give you freedom, when it comes to approach, how and where you work, but I expect you to meet agreed deadlines!
  6. If you have trouble in your life, tell me, if you feel comfortable! This will make it easier for me to adjust your work day!
  7. Don’t be afraid to bother me! I try to be accessible, but sometimes I have too much on my plate. It is perfectly okay, to come to my desk, call, sms, Skype and stalk me, if it is urgent.
  8. If you think I suck at something, tell me!
  9. Let’s laugh together, every day! This is just our work. There are more important things in our lives!
  10. We are a team. Ask yourself: – How can I be a great team member?

Have a great week, folks!

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