Adele Taught Me 5 Things about Leadership!

Last night, I went to the Adele concert in Oslo. This was THE concert happening of the year in Norway! The arena was packed. Adele! What a woman. What an artist! She blew us all off!


It has been some years, since my last concert. This was the best comeback concert ever. By far, one of the best concerts I have been to.

Hit after hit after. Her voice is spectacular, her lyrics dramatic (a lot about love :)) and she sings to our hearts! Adele is authentic. She shares her story and passion. That’s why we love her! A lot of personality and humor. This lady is one of a kind, and she is only 28!

After the concert, I was inspired! Here are five key take aways that any leader can learn from Adele!

5 Leadership Advices – Adele Style

1) See people and be interested. What’s your employees story? Give a compliment! Do you know your employees birthdays? Dare you to take lead on their birthday song?

2) Don’t act like a primadonna with your nose in the air. Okay, you are the leader and you believe you are important, but get your nose down.

Adele talking and laughing, while the audience takes selfies with her in the background 🙂

3) Don’t let anyone ruin your life! If you have anyone that annoys you over a long time, don’t let them ruin your life. Tell them to F*** off! Hehe, these where Adele’s exact words!

4) It’s okay to be nervous! Adele is a super artist. She shared stories about how she is nervous before a concert.

5) Work is important, but remember that the most important in your life is your children! Remember to get out of the office in time, to be there when they grow up!


And I just have to share two leadership thoughts on some lyrics!

  1. Hello, it’s me! I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet. Relations are important, both in your professional and private life! It’s never too late to pick up the phone and say – Hello! And take it from there.
  2. Do you see my heart on my sleeve? A famous Norwegian football coach often talked about playing with your heart on the outside of your shirt. I believe the same goes for the business world. Lead with your heart on your sleeve. People will find you more authentic, believe in you and the vision and eventually follow!
Adele, what a great personality she has!

Definitely a great experience, which I shared with this three girls, my best friend, my niese and her friend!

Four excited girls in the audience! :*

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