The importance of doing nothing!

As you might have noticed, I have many irons in the fire! Maybe, too many? Since Easter, I feel like I have been doing something 24/7. Twins, work, blog, more work, working-out, more work, too little sleep and more. I always try to be efficient and get the most of the day. It is good to get things done, but my brain has suffered from information overload. Is my effectiveness my worst enemy?

My brain needed a break

I felt a need to do nothing and log off. A long weekend at my parents farm up north was just what I needed. Four days at low speed, spending valueable time with my family. The valley is far away from everything and close to nature. The internet connection is slow. My mobile network does not reach the farm, at the very end of the valley. Perfect! I was forced to log off and downshift.

My view this Sunday morning at 6 am, Flatum, Roevassdalen

I have enjoyed doing «nothing»! Going to bed before 10 pm and sipping my morning coffee at 6 am. I have had some morning runs accompanied by complete silence, only broken by singing spring birds. My eyes have rested the slowly moving green stream, from the nearby glacier. Plenty of time with my twins and walks in beautiful surroundings. Being away from the busy city life and doing nothing has been like a vitamin pill.


Doing nothing is good for your mental health

It feels like my brain has been down and re-booted. Research shows that doing nothing is good for our mental health. The scientist Andres Smart, the author of Auto-Pilot: The Art and Science of Doing Nothing, used the latest findings in neuroscience to show that our brains need idleness. As a matter of fact, doing nothing leads to happiness. (Source: Tom Hodgkinson,


My own experience is that doing nothing has been good.

  • I breath slower
  • I get new ideas
  • I have time to reflect and think things through
  • My brain feels more sorted
  • I have more energy

I am ready for a new week! I hope, you feel the same!

Cecilia :*


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