10 Habits To Boost Your June Energy!

What happened? In April, I looked forward to a sunny May and June, with a lot of quality family time, time to meet friends for some wine and dine and working out.

Today, I look back on one family beach visit, one wine and dine evening with friends and a lot of working hours. Soaked in deadlines, I must admit that I was naive! Everybody wants to finish their work before the summer vacation, and everybody wants to have a June summer party!

I had to ask myself – How do I recharge my batteries fast? Have can I live my diverse life in small doses?

Busy business twin time!

5 Habits That Will Boost Your Energy!

1) Work-out! Being active and working out is my drug. Get up in the morning and do it before work! I KNOW! It is so hard to get out of bed! Imagine your joy, when you are done! Nothing beats the good and proud feeling of having worked out before work.

Morning yoga – the best start of the day!

2) Go to bed early, get up early! At 9-10 pm, I start my evening routine. Success doesn’t sleep in the morning! I never set an alarm clock, since I am lucky to have two toddlers who wake my up around 6 am every day.

3) Take breaks during your busy day! No one can work all day long! Have lunch with your colleagues, cycle to work or spend time with your kids. I try to log-off 100 % from I get home and until the boys are sleeping. My experience is that I am more productive if I take some breaks.

An ice cream break can save your day and boost your energy!

4) Have sex! It feels a bit awkward to bring up sex on a leadership blog. Yet, it is an important energy source. And very important, in order to keep a healthy marriage!

5) Have fun with your friends! But not every night! So far in May- June, I have had one very fun and great night out with friends. We had some drinks. We went to a concert. We went to bed late! (And I had to get up at 6 am…)

Ready for a night out in Bergen!

5 Habits That Will Drain Your Energy!

1) Staying up late zapping the TV or surfing social media. Zap off. Log off! Go to bed and get some sleep!

2) Too much alcohol and too little water! ! A glass of wine in the sunset is great. A bottle will ruin your tomorrow! Number 1 and 2 in my To Do list will be difficult and eat your energy level out! On the flip side, water is essential for your energy level. Make a habit of bringing a water bottle every day!

3) Checking your phone after 11 pm! Make a habit of leaving your phone outside the bedroom! Your brain needs time to relax.

4) Skipping breakfast or eat junk food! You are what you eat. A roller coaster blood sugar level will increase your feeling of fatigue.

5) Saying Yes to everything! I am working on this one! It is perfectly okay to say No to invitations and new tasks!

Make saying no your habit! But always yes to my little ones!

Final Words

Finally, I must share a big celebration! This is my blog post number 100!!!!! One year ago, I started my work on this blog! I want to use this opportunity to share my deepest gratitude to you guys, my readers! Thanks for reading my blog posts, giving me feedback and motivating me to inspire others!

This blog is also an important energy source! It forces me to reflect, relax and take a stand!

Have a fantastic June weekend! I have some busy weeks ahead of me. But I count the days until our summer vacation! Stay tuned, I will tell you more about our plans! Luckily, I have found my energy resources to keep on going!

Hey! Do you know someone who needs to boost the energy level? Pleas feel free to share my blog post!

Warm summer smiles,

Cecilia :*

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