10 Steps To Achieve Your Goal In One Year!

Yesterday, I shared my story about my plan and steps, that I have carried out over the last 365 days!

Today, it is your turn to take the first steps. Start walking! 😉

Photo: Lindsay Henwood, unsplash.com

Imagine June 2017

Take a break. Reflect! Where do you see yourself in one year? What is your dream, your purpose, your goal? If you want to make things happen, you better start today!

This are my advices for you and your next 365 days!

  1. Take time to reflect on where you are in your life! Like many, I use sports, like running or cycling, to clear my mind. Or do as I did last Sunday. I had a strategy meeting with myself! Just me and my coffee cup for three hours! A mind map, to sort out your ideas, can be a good tool!
  2. You must be passionate about your new project. Your passion will be your most important source of energy to keep going!
  3. Set a goal, make a plan! Don’t set to many goals. Keep it simple. Develop a high level plan on what you want to achieve. Make a concrete step-by-step plan for the next three months and next four weeks. I wrote down 3-5 weekly tangible activities, in order to move forward.
  4. Fit your project into your daily schedule. I strongly believe that you must know, when during your busy day to work on your project. You have to make some sacrifices. I focus on writing, when the twin boys are sleeping (instead of doing house work ;)). Sometimes I go to a local coffee shop for 2-3 hours to focus and to get new inspiration.
  5. Make sure your closest support you! My Alexander has never complained about my blog project. He helps me and he gives me honest feedback!
  6. Don’t let failures, negative feedback or comments take you down! I have received negative comments. Some have made me sad and insecure. I shake them off! Failures are important steps to success!
  7. Prepare yourself for a bumby ride! When tough times hit you. Slow down, take a step back. Where do you go from here? Then continue, start rolling and go ahead with full speed!
  8. Be true to your goal and values! There will be times, when you will doubt your goal and your work. It might be tempting to change path, in order to achieve what comes easy. If something seems impossible, it’s only because you haven’t found a solutions yet.
  9. Never give up! 
  10. Celebrate! Be proud and share milestones with the people who are close to you!

I will applaud every step you take towards June 2017, 2018..2020! Take your first steps today! No need to wait until tomorrow!

Tell me! What’s your plan for the next 365 days! Maybe, I can help you along the way!

Deloitte_CF - 2
Tell me your plan for the next 365 days! Foto: Ingar Næss / Deloitte AS


Have a terrific week!

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