How To Leave Work At Work, When On Vacation!

Only three workdays until vacation! I was hoping for some less busy days, but it looks like I’m going full speed until the plane leaves for Greece on Friday! Still, I have made time for six important steps!

I guess you look forward to some time off. Do you have any rituals at work before you take vacation? Do you leave work at the office or are you checking e-mails on the beach? Or in the hotel room, while your family is waiting impatiently!

For some reason, I have had trouble leaving work at the office. Working on airplanes and before the beach time has often been my style. This time, I will try to leave work at work!

How a vacation should be! Not a laptop in sight!

My pre-vacation 2016 ritual!

  1. Schedule time in advance! Make sure you have 1/2 -1 workday (or an evening or two) to complete the points below 🙂
  2. Arrange your e-mails! It is better to use a couple of hours now to sort out your e-mails, than after your time off. My dream inbox, before vacation, is an inbox with only follow-up items, with deadlines after the vacation.
  3. Do the travel bills! I’m running around with a plastic bag of travel bills. Before you leave for vacation, have your travel bills registered. It is good to get them refunded after your vacation.
  4. Make a plan and book meetings for August ->! Normally, it’s easier to get meetings (and meeting rooms!) booked now. Leave the first day after the vacation free of meetings. You will need that day (or two) to get up to speed!
  5. Delegate work to your colleagues. Go through your to-do list. Can anything be done by your colleagues, while you are away. Trust your team 🙂
  6. Activate your auto-reply! Be clear about your period of absence, contact information to colleagues at work and your phone number in case of emergency. If you work in an international environment, it can be good to explain three weeks of the Norwegian national paralysis called fellesferie. Check out this article from the LA Times! Norwegians abandon their post for fellesferie!

Have some great days at work, before a well deserved time off! Remember, you have longed for this vacation. Make it count!

Better to work extra now, than at the beach!

Cecilia :*

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