Packing For Vacation Is Easy Peasy With This App!

I always look forward to an adventures vacation, but not the packing. Many times, I have been packing last minute. The result? I have forgotten a lot of stuff or I brought too much. We are experienced travelers, but not so experienced traveling as a family. Alex and I pack less and less for ourselves. Kids stuff fill up our suitcase! Suitcase, not suitcases. My goal is always to fit the whole family’s clothing etc in one Dakine roller bag. The simple reason is that we have to bring the stroller, diaper/food bag and normally a windsurf/surf bag. Now, I have realized. Help is near. Check out the winner app!

Show Me Your List, and I’ll Tell You Who You Are!

I am big fan of lists. I use OneNote at work. At home, I use Notes. I have packing lists, called Mountains weekend, Snowboard Week, Windsurf Cold, Windsurf Warm etc. Yet, I just realized, that this is not very efficient. I decided to step it up!

Skjermbilde 2016-07-04 kl. 14.33.28
The three apps, I tested! Triplist, Packpoint Packing for Sheraton and PlackingPlanner

My Private Test of The Apps

I checked out some of the packing apps.

  1. TripList – You can choose between the Free version, Pro ($2,99/33 NOK), Wizard ($1,99/22 NOK) and Pro + Wizard ($4,99/55 NOK). I tried the Free and the Pro version. I decided to check out the Pro version, because it supports multiple users and I could make lists for every family member. You have eight items categories, and can easily make new categories. In addition you have tasks list. The weather of my destination was updated automatically. And I could sync it to iCloud and import details from your TripIt account. Still, I found the app a bit «boring». And I misunderstood, multiple users. I thought I could add users to access it directly. I could never figure out if this was the case.
  2. PackingPlanner – You can choose between the Free version and the Pro version ($0,99/11 NOK). I would say that the free version is useless. You have a limit of two trips. You have more than 20 categories. In the free version, you only have a few items, and you are constantly thrown into «Upgrade». You can easily make new categories. I tested the Pro version. It is easy to use. The layout looks great. I could sync it to iCloud, send the list on e-mail or print it.
  3. PackPoint Packing for Sheraton – You can choose between the free version or an upgraded version ($0,99/11 NOK). I tested both versions. This is by far the best free app for packing. You have a good selection of categories. This app stands out, because you can choose your activity and get a suggested list of items to pack. You easily add your specific stuff to the pre-set lists. I entered my destination, departure date, number of days, chose pleasure and added activities. The app made a suggested packing list, which I adjusted to my family’s needs. The layout looks great. I found it  very intuitive.
Skjermbilde 2016-07-04 kl. 14.37.10
Step-by-step by Packpoint Packing for Sheraton

My App Choice

Overall, I liked the PackPoint Packing for Sheraton best. The app looks great and was easy to use. I especially liked the good range of pre-made lists for the type of activities at our destination. I choose Gym, Beach and Baby etc.

Windsurfing was not a pre-set option, but I made a custom list in a couple of minutes. In addition, it suggested the basics for a trip of two weeks. I added a specific items, that was not pre-set. And for the next travel, it will be there!

Skjermbilde 2016-07-04 kl. 14.46.18
I will never forget my windsurf Cribb sheet, again!

I made the packing list on the app four days before our departure date. I took me 10 minutes! Then I registered a few items, that were not pre-listed. The day before departure we packed, and I must admit, packing has never been so easy and free of stress!

Bon voyage!

My view for next two weeks!

Cecilia 🙂

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