I Have Fallen In Love, …..Again!

I love traveling and I love adventures. Often we go to new place. Sometimes we keep coming back, again and again again! Last October, I told you that I was in love!, with an island. An island, that gives me goosebumps to dream about. I had to ask you and myself. Is it possible to love an island? H*** yeah, it is possible. And for the second time, it’s about to happen again.

My troubled long distance relationship!

My dream destination is Maui. Last autumn, our family of four spent six weeks on the beautiful and windy island. Many people thought we were crazy, to travel to the other side of the world with our twin infants. But we did, and we often talk about when to return. Still, Maui is a troubled long distance relationship, because it’s sooo far away. Approximately 30 hours from door to door, and a 12 hours time difference. This summer we decided to go to a new island.

My love and my long distance love island! Alex ripping Ho’okipa, Maui! Photo: Jimmy Hepp

When we travel, there are a few criteria:

  • Windsurfing possibilities – consistent wind
  • Beaches without wind and with shadow areas, suitable for toddlers 😉
  • Flat spots, waves are a bonus
  • Warm waters, no wetsuit for big and small ones!
  • Comfortable living and good food
  • Relaxed lifestyle, no stress getting around
  • Other activities to do on down days

Overall, it must a good destination for an active vacation the whole family!


5 reasons for my new island romance!

From the first day on Naxos, I felt the good vibe. After having settled in at Flisvos Sport Club, we got into the vacation mood. Salt in the air and wind in my hair! And how about this sunset!

The sunset on Naxos from our apartment!

1) A beautiful lagune, windy, flat and warm waters! Yeah! On the inside of the lagune, a part of the beach is perfect for two toddlers. There is even a small shadow area, where they can play!

2) Good gear rental close to the sea! Windsurf gear is heavy!

Miss Happy face, ready for 30 knots in the lagune!

3) Greek food and family friendly people!

4) On down days there are many others things to do, like taking a trip around the island. Take a boat to neighbor islands. Go diving or snorkeling. Go to the local gym. Visit the pool at a nearby hotels. Hang out at one of the many beach cafés. Go on a mountain bike trip! And of course, running and yoga can be done everywhere!


5) All in one place! We don’t have a car here, and can walk barefoot everywhere. 5-10 minutes from the apartment to the lagune. A lot of restaurants and a super market in the immediate vicinity, and it is possible to push a twin stroller :). Or I cruise on this bike!

No car on this Naxos vacation. Only this cruiser! :*

Enjoy your holiday! I’m, for sure, enjoying mine!

So long,

Cecilia :*

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