Feel Fabulous – 4 Fun Summer Workouts!

Good morning, dear readers! Thank you, for reading my blog during summer! As you might know, I’m having a blast in Greece. Before I left on this vacation, I wrote about leaving your work at work. Today, I will strike a blow for NOT leaving your work-out routine at home! Bring it with you on your vacation, but spice it up with some summer twists!

Summer = Time to be Active Outdoors!

Summer is time to chill and relax. Yet, I would say it’s time to be active outdoors. Maybe you spend time at the beach, at home or at a mountain cabin. I’m sure you’ll find opportunities wherever you are.

I was «born» active, and don’t feel comfortable unless I do something active every day. Being a twin mother in the my best 40s, it’s more important than ever! Here is some inspiration for your summer work-outs!

1) Try a new water sport!

Windsurf, kite surf, stand-up paddle board, kayaking or surfing. The water and the wind are your friends during summer. No matter your level, there is always possible to have fun and try on a new challenge. If you’re a newbie, ask someone to help you or take lessons!

Never to early to start a sideways activity on the water!

2) Go on a sightseeing run!

Get up in the morning. Go for a sightseeing run in the sunrise. The light is so beautiful and you will have popular tourist attractions for yourself. Your breakfast will taste better than ever before.

The other day, I was sightseeing running in Naxos. 30-45 minutes was perfect. I visited the landmark by the harbor and ran some intervalls in the stairs in the old town.

3) Yoga at the beach café before the opening hours!

I bring my yoga mat everywhere. I have done yoga in the strangest places. Here on Naxos, my secret spot is this 2nd floor at the Flisvos Beach café before breakfast starts at 8.30 am.

The view from «my secret yoga place»

4) Leave the car, take the bike!

A bike is the perfect locomotion to get a exercise, do daily errands and get around. Park your car and start pedaling!

No rental cars on this vacation! Just cruisin’ around!

My last best tip!

Do your work-out in the morning! Then, you are more less likely to skip your work-out! You will feel proud, have a great energy and look great after a sweat and morning shower!

Share your experiences and get inspiration from friends and other active people who share their activities in their social media.

Enjoy your work-out!

Cecilia 🙂

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