5 Actions To Survive The First Work Week After Vacation

This Sunday had to come! The last day of a great vacation! I have enjoyed every minute of this Sunday. But Monday is coming my way at full speed! Fortunately, I’ve already been home a week. How about you? Do you have an open suitcase in the hallway, knowing it will stay there for at least a week.

There’s no way back! Duty calls!

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Whether you like it or not! Life is forced back to your every day rhythm. You must:

  • Go to bed earlier and set the alarm!
  • Drink less wine in the evening!
  • Get up early in morning (Hey! One of the advantages of having toddlers. I’ve been up before 7 am every day this summer) 😉
  • Iron shirts! (At least we office rats must!)

Luckily, I followed my own advice and finished off June in a controlled way. (Post – How to leave work at work!)

This is how I plan to survive my first week at work!


5 Actions To Survive The First Week At Work

1) A transition day or two! If possible, use the first day(s) as a transition period. Not everybody are back from vacation. It might be a possibility to take some shorter days. For me, and most other leaders, this means working a normal eight hours days.

2) No or few meetings! Having few meetings the first day give you time to get an overview and plan your work for the coming weeks! If you didn’t sort out your e-mails before your vacation, do it now!

3) Make a plan! Take a step back, review, prioritize, set some goals and make a plan for the autumn. I often use mind mapping, when I do this. Check my popular mind mapping blog post!

4) Don’t surf the internet or watch the Olympics! It’s easy to drift off and surf the internet for hours. Maybe you are curious on how it goes in Rio! Stop it. Do your work. Go home and watch the olympics from your couch!

5) Prolong the summer feeling! For us in Oslo, this is not so easy. Lately, it’s been raining like crazy! But if it’s sunny, where you are! Go for an afternoon swim in the sea, take a boat trip or go on a hike this weekend!

If you’re not planning for an autumn vacation, you’ve 4,5 months of work before your Christmas holiday. Make sure you get a good start!


I wish you a great Monday!

20151209 Cecilia_fk 200
I’m ready for my week at work! Photo: Stian Schioldborg

Cecilia 🙂

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