Me – The Career Mother Who Never Picks Up At Kindergarten? HELP!

Last Tuesday, I was sitting alone in my office at home. I felt worried and indisposed. I tried to focus on work, but I couldn’t concentrate. I felt a undefined pain in my stomach. I was only thinking about the most important in my life.

How were they doing? Where they having a good time? Did they think about me? Did they miss me? I was, for sure, missing them. My feelings were out of control! It felt like I was experiencing  a break-up!

I wasn’t recovering from a break-up! I was twin mom, recovering from a kindergarten start-up!

Our new life!

Vacation has coming to an end. We’re thrown into a completely new daily routine. The boys have started kindergarten. And they absolutely love it! They have many new friends and learn so much new. Every day must feel like an adventure!

Still, I feel anxious and afraid. These questions are circling around in my head:

Will I become the career mother, who never picks up her boys at kindergarten, after work or if they get sick? 

Will I become the career mother, who doesn’t have time to take the boys to birthday parties or attend happenings at the kindergarten?

Will I become the career mother, who serve bought cakes at the boys’  birthday party? 😉

Winnie the Pooh and I said: Both!

Last October, I returned to work after being home with my twin boys for one year. I had a battle inside me, which I’ve been fighting ever since. The battle between motherhood and career. I decided to choose both.

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Skjermbilde 2015-11-12 kl. 10.57.37
Autumn – one year ago!

Overall, I feel that I’ve been doing okay the last 10 months. It has been a weekly and daily juggle. But Alexander and I have managed to plan and adjust to the best for the boys and our work. I have prioritized and made some sacrifices. There have been many long working nights. And there have been many times were I have left work early and said:

I have today´s most important meeting coming up. The meeting with my boys! 

Yet, two important factors was:

  1. A double cash benefit for parents with small children
  2. A private nanny

First Week! I’ve Failed, Big Time!

We have done like most other parents. Drop-off and pick-ups are shared and planned. I even bought a huge magnet week calendar to make sure we both keep control of family activities.

A new day, a new adventure!

So, how did I do the first week? Well, not very good!

Wednesday was my first pick-up day. My work day was super busy, and at noon I had to call Alex. – Help, can you pick up the boys?

Thursday! Yes, this was my second pick-up day. Shit! I had forgotten about a meeting! I had to call Alex, again. – Help, can you pick up the boys?

Friday! I promised to both drop-off and pick-up the boys.  If I was to the drop-off, I had to do at 7.30 am and Alex could do it at 9 am, so he did it! And finally, at 3.15 pm, I picked up my precious boys!

How Can I Improve?

This weekend, I’ve been thinking about, how I can improve our family schedule.

This is what I have done.

  • I have scheduled my drop-offs and pick-ups, blocking my Outlook calendar. (Still, this only means I have control of internal meeting bookings)
  • I have started preparing more the evening before. I’m «leaning» our morning routine!
  • I have started to ask colleagues, about how they make their daily routine work

But I really feel that this will be my biggest challenge! How to make my schedule fit!? What do I, when unplanned incidents occur.

Many have advised us to get an au pair. Still, we hesitate. We want to raise our boys ourselves, even though we’ve busy lives.

Dear readers! How do you make it work?

Have a great week!

Good night from

Cecilia 🙂

Cecilia and twins
Photo: Stian Schioldborg

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