Why Did I Kiss A Duck On Snapchat?

Social media has created a jungle for the business world, both established companies and upcoming entrepreneurs. Some master it perfectly! For many it’s a struggle, and they get lost! Let’s talk about Snapchat!

For months, I planned to start sharing blog snapchats, but I didn’t dare to do it! This week, I did!

5 Business Snapchat Experts That Inspires Me!

I didn’t get Snapchat in a more professional way, until I saw United Influencers CEO Thomas Moen‘s snaps. He gives great marketing and social media tips! In addition, he shares stories from his journeys and interacts with his followers. Username tornsuits


Second, I like to watch the Classy career girl snapchats. Anna Runyan is sharing good vibes and advice about loving your work and loving your life. A true inspiration! Username classycareer


Third, I have tell you about John Lee Dumas! This is mr Entrepreneur on fire on Snapchat. He looks you straight into your eyes and shares motivational thoughts every day. Join his fire nation! A must follow for any entrepreneur! Username johnleedumas


Fourth, IG – Motivation_Mondays shares nothing but a black screen and inspirational quotes! Username mikeyfromthe6


Finally. Recently, I discovered investor and entrepreneur Tai Lopez on Snapchat. He is famous for 67 steps. I don’t know how many SC followers he has, but with 505.000 followers on Instragram, I guess he got a few on Snapchat, as well. Tai shares coaching advice and a lot from his life. Username tailopez


My Snapchat Concept

First, I decided to not take it so seriously! Be creative and play with it! Maybe, I make some silly snaps. Who cares?!


Second, I make a snap story about a topic, that inspires me that day! I share a business tip or a behind the scenes view. Like the other day, when I joined the TEDx coaching session. Normally, it’s quite short, 4-5 snaps.

Third, I watch other snappers to learn more about how I can use filters and others effects in a cool way!

Finally, most important! I have fun! 😀

This weekend, I kissed a duck on snapchat! I shared my secret tip about going Duck Style! It’s been on for 24 hours and now it’s all gone. I will share it again on my blog this week.


For more, add ceciliaflatum!

Happy snapping!

And please share below, if you have any Snapchat favorites!!!

All the best,

Cecilia :*

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