Do You Know The Secret Magic Hours!

How are you structuring your day? Jumping from one task to another? Constant interruptions and constantly checking your e-mails or Facebook? Recently, I discovered the magic hours. I thought I was efficient, but magic has just happened!

My Inspirational Morning

The first change I did was stopping to check e-mails as soon I woke up! For some reason, I felt that I had to be on top of my workday from 6 am. Do you? Now, I’m trying to enjoy the morning hours. Listen to some good music, an inspirational video or maybe read a few pages in a book!

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The Magic Hours That Will Boost Your Productivity!

Mr Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist and bestselling author, is the man behind the magic. He has shared six secrets to managing your time. His research shows that you are at your most productive are a couple of hours after you wake up.

Magic hours
The Magic Hours before lunch. Source:

My Tuesday Magic!

Very often, my days are packed with meetings. I mean packed! From 8am-17pm+! Today was different. My first meeting was at noon. Yeah! With the magic hours in mind, I made the most out my morning!

I dropped the boys off at kindergarten before 9 am. Then I had some incredible productive hours from 9am-12pm. This was GTD philosophy in action. GTD? – Get Things Done!

I checked my e-mails, then I shut down Outlook. Then, I was on fire! For three hours, I felt like producing a week of work! A day rhythm to copy! But this is not easy. I’m not completely in charge of my calendar.

Still, I can always do something. I will make an effort! Twice a week, I will try to make space in my calendar to make the most out the magic hours before noon.

And this afternoon, I did finalized my workday in an unusual way! Check out my Snapchat – username ceciliaflatum – to know the secret out what I did! 😉 Do it now! In a few hours, my snap story will be gone!

Have terrific week!

Cecilia :*


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