Happy Birthday, Blog!

It’s a fact! Time flies! This Leadership & Life blog has been live for one year! One year ago, I was living the happy aloha life on Maui. It was family time, yoga, windsurf and blogging 24/7.

I remember, the evening I shared my first post. It felt like drinking a mixture of the sweetest berries and tabasco! Sharing thoughts and experiences is a funny-scary feeling!

Today, 365 days later, it’s time for a celebration for this little one year old.

Photo: Stian Schioldborg
117 blog posts in one year! Photo: Stian Schioldborg


My reason for starting this blog, was that I wanted to share some experiences and advices to people enjoying the spring of their careers. It soon became clear to me, that I also wrote to people who are searching for more or struggling with their motivation.

In addition, I wanted to share travel advices to the active family.

The family of four exploring Maui!

Seriously, it’s possible to have a career and time for both family and yourself.

When you lean in, be prepared for a punch or a lot of new insight and relations! I have received both. To my surprise, writing has been an energy well for myself. I have had to face challenges and develop myself in many areas!

The Stats!

  • 56.000 page views
  • 25.000 readers
  • 5.000 followers in social media
  • 117 blog posts
  • 65 % Norwegian readers, then a lot of Americans and Russians

The most popular blog posts

My battle between motherhood and career

Is life over at 40?

How to survive 26h on a plane with infant twins

My Most Embarrassing Picture!

Going down, after being hit by my own! surfboard! I had a blue eye for weeks!

The Blog Series

How to improve your self as a leader?

8 steps to become super efficient and have more time for fun!

My Most Fun Blog Moment!

Cruising Iceland with these two professional bloggers, www.treningsfrue.no and www.espenhilton.no

My biggest surprise!

Being selected to be a part of the TEDx Be the change program!

From TEDx Oslo 2016

Highest pulse moment!

Ready for the morning national news!

My biggest THANK YOU!!!!

Finally! When we pop a bottle of champagne in casa Froeya tonight, we’re toasting for all 25.000 of you!!

Getting feedback, a comment, an e-mail, a message, sharing your story, your question, your advice or your inspiration! That’s my vitamin pill and my reason to keep on going! <3

That’s you guys giving me a high five!


Thanks to United Influencers for having me on their team!

And thanks to Alex and my twin boys, for hanging in here with me! My boys! Priority no. 1! <3<3<3

What’s next for Leadership & Life?

I always have a lot of ideas. Only half of them are realized, but that’s good enough for this working twin mom.

I will continue to write every week. In addition, these days, I have fun with my Snapchat, username ceciliaflatum.


Somewhere down the road, there are some plans about a YouTube channel. And then I have my secret TEDx Be the Change plan. I hope to bring it to life over the next 12 months!


Love you all! Have a fantastic weekend! And please share, if there is a topic that you want me to write about! I would ever so grateful!

Cecilia :*

Time for a celebration!

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