3 Reasons Why Multitasking Will Ruin Your Life!

I have a confession to make. I’m the worst multitasking person I know! Seriously multitasking!

In many meetings, I work on tasks or sort out my e-mails. When I walk with boys in the stroller to kindergarten, I attend Skype meetings (on mute), reply e-mails and sing children songs. All at the same time! If we watch a movie at home, I will write a blog post or check social media at the same time! No wonder my head feels overloaded!

Today, I read that multitasking can damage your brain. Okay, miss multi-tasking! Time to pull the plug! I must stop! Our brain isn’t made for multitasking! It’s not working well!


Why Do I Multitask?

First, human multi-tasking is not the same as switching between tasks. The latter is very inefficient and will definitely wear you out.

Multitasking is different! This is doing or focusing on more than one thing at the same time. Situations, like I shared in my introduction.

I multitask, because I have a lot a stuff that must get done. Meetings fill up my calendar. I have little time to work at my desk. So in order, not to work all evening, I try to get e-mails and «easy» tasks done all the time.

I have a strong belief that I have very good multitasking skills. I can listen to a presentation, write an e-mail and still be active in discussions.

My problem is, it has has come out of hand. After the twins were born, I have continued to multitask also at home. Working, blogging and family life have become a big smear!

Always online is a brain drain!

3 reasons Why Multitasking Is Bad For Me And You!

  1. Your brain needs a break! – My brain doesn’t ever get time to relax. I can actually feel that multitasking drains my energy. Even worse, research shows that multitaskers pay a mental price! The modern world is very bad news for our brains. They get overstimulated and a mental fog clouds our lives!
  2. Is it really the answer to get things done? No. My experience is that you might be very productive, but in the long run, you’re not. We try to squeeze more and more into our workday. We try to work more and more efficiently, in order to stay on top of things. Instead, what we should do is say no, say later or delegate more. Set your own boundaries!
  3. People find you arrogant – My family, my boys and colleagues deserve my full attention. Multitasking is a very selfish activity. I would recommend to stay focused. Instead, you  should work differently, like cutting down on the length of meetings!

Recently, I have started to leave my multi-tasking life! Stay tuned for the next blog post, and I will share:

  • What I do!
  • The benefits!

Have a great Thursday!

Focused regards,

Cecilia 🙂

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