Are You Ready For Powerful Challenge?

This week, I visited one of Oslo Innovation week’s 75 events! I listened to ground breaking thinking and got tons of inspiration. The result from the great power of power couples! Magic happens when oil engineers interact with doctors, when search engines co-operate with the Red cross!

What Is A Power Couple?

Are you confused? Did you believe that the era of power couples was over with break-up of Brangelina ;).

A power couple consists of two people or firms, that are outstanding in their field. They complete each others thinking and ideas. The couple uses their knowledge and experience from their own area to complete a common idea.

Strengths become super strengths and they make up for each others weaknesses! Innovation sparks, when power couples meet! 1+1 = 3!  We have only seen the beginning!

My Power Couple!

The day made my think. Who would be my alter ego in a power couple? I must admit, that it was really difficult. Many great people passed my mind! A friend suggested Lady Gaga. My Alex said Gro Harlem Brundtland. A colleague said Michelle Obama.

I returned to my heart, to a challenge in the society that I want to contribute to. For years, I have worked to increase women in leadership positions in sports. Check out my blog post -> The World of Sports, A Man’s World!

I decided to go for Ezinne Okparaebo! The fastest Norwegian woman throughout all times! A great sports woman and role model. I just love her project Ezinne Athletics. Her mission is to inspire minority youth, especially girls between 10-16 years, to join track and fields.

My passion? To inspire young up-coming female leaders to continue their career and be socially involved!

Together – We would empower girls to join sport, as athletes or leaders!

The Power Couple! Photo credits: CF/Ingar Næss, EO/NTB Scanpix

Power Couples On A Daily Basis?

We cannot all aim for Ezinne Okparaebo, Richard Branson or Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine winner, 1995) as our partner.

I strongly believe that your power couple partner is closer than you think. Our challenge is that we, on a daily basis, tend to seek and connect with people just like ourselves.

If you want to be more innovative, develop as a leader and have more fun, you must be open-minded when you meet people different from yourself.

My Power Challenge For You!

  • Next time you meet your neighbor, get to know their passion and expertice
  • Next time you are at a conference, don’t have lunch with your colleagues. Sit down at table with strangers
  • Next time you read a story in the news about someone who fascinates you, get in touch, invite her / him for a coffee
  • Next time your management team has innovation on the agenda, invite someone external to challenge you. And please, leave the traditional meeting room for a more creative environment

Bottom line, be curios and don’t judge people who are different from yourself!

Maybe, the young woman with the pink hair has an engineer background, and will be the one who finish your sentences and fulfills your new idea!

Find your power couple! Visit the power couple generator!

Have a powerful Friday! Stay innovative, in pairs!

Cecilia :*

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