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Dear readers!

When I established this blog, my plan was to write some posts about leadership in Norwegian and travel reviews in English. I even combined two languages in several blog posts. After a few weeks I realized that this became really messy! So after consulting experts, asking you readers and myself – Am I brave, (enough)?, I decided to go all the way in one language, English.
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My battle – Motherhood vs Leadership career!

When I was pregnant, I read an article about career women who went straight from the delivery room to the office. Expecting twins and being partner at a global consulting firm, I started wondering – What will be our choice and how will I deal with the battle between motherhood and career? Is it one-size-fits-all? How can I be a role model? 

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AM I BRAVE (enough)?

A friend sent me a message the other day. She wrote that my blog had inspired her to realize a business idea she has had for years. She wrote – Of course, you were the one to inspire me. You are so brave! I was very happy for her comment, but it sparked a question. A question, that has been spinning in my brain for the last 48 hours. Am I brave, enough


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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

My blog has has various categories. Today they coincide. Travel sideways meets Inspiration and leadership. It all started with me, at the age of 40, started doing headstands! Additionally, I have really been challenging myself on the water the last few days. Why have I not done this before? You see, because I am very comfortable in my own safe little comfort zone. Being there is pleasant, but I do miss so many experiences and learning opportunities.


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5 actions to create a better workplace!

The elevator doors open. A colleague, who I do not know, enters. Should I say Hi? Neeh.., I do not really know her. The door closes, the elevator continues. I nod carefully and mumble Heh.. with my eyes glued to my cell phone. She looks at me, smiles and says: Good morning! What a nice jacket you are wearing. I love that color! I get embarrassed and give a shy smile. Next time we meet, for sure I will say Hi, how are you? 


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Så enkelt blir du kriminell – kampen om kysten!

Det pågår en kamp om brettsportens eksistens! Skateboard og snowboard er for lengst forbi tiden da dette var forbudt i Norge. Men egenorgansiert brettsport til vanns begrenses. Fugle- og naturvernsentusiaster gjør sitt ytterste for å bekjempe vannsport langs kysten vår. Gå gjerne tur med hunden eller bygg hus, men om du er en surfer som sniker deg opp av vannet, står onkel politi klar med bøtene.

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