Dreaming Of More Time Off? Unlimited Paid Vacation Is Possible!

What would you do, if your boss told you, that you could take an unlimited time off? Pack your bags. Hasta la vista, see you in three months?

To my surprise, I discovered that several companies have very liberal vacation policies.

The Most Important Is To Get Work Done

Many companies are already flexible on the working hours and from where you work. Why control number of days you take time to travel or relax? The most important is that the job gets done, not the number of hours you work!

If you want to work smarter, check out my series of «Get Work Done» blog posts!

5 days or 5 weeks

There are big differences between countries, when it comes to how many days of paid vacation, a full-time employee is entitled to. According to wikipedia, China has only five days. In Norway, we have five weeks! In the US, many doesn’t have a paid vacation. No wonder, the country is often called the «no vacation nation».

Yeah for five weeks of fun family time!

3 Companies With Flexible Vacation Policies!

Twitter has a non-accrual vacation time policy. To Fortune.com, Brian “Skip” Schipper, Vice President of Human Resources says: It’s a policy adopted in the spirit of trust and empowerment.

Virgin let all salaried staff to take time off, when they want, as long as they want. You don’t even have to ask or keep track of days. I’m not surprised! CEO Richard Branson is a pioneer in many fields, also in this area!

CEO Richard Branson on Necker island. Image credit: virgin.com

General Electric empowers employees to take the time they need, when they need it. Susan Peters, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at GE recently shared a LinkedIn post about it.

Why Is Unlimited Vacation Good?

  • Empower your employees to take responsibility
  • Treat employees as individuals
  • Give flexibility, you can take a longer vacation some years and shorter other years
  • Easier to maintain a work-life balance
  • A recruitment carrot and to retain staff

Why Might Unlimited Vacation Be A Challenge?

  • If you are a workaholic, you might not take any time off at all. In the long run, this is not good for you (or your family)
  • You might be affected by the number of vacation days that your boss or colleagues take. Eventually a company culture evolves, and it might not fit your lifestyle
  • Unlimited vacation sounds great, but make sure you read all the legal stuff written in small letters
  • For the company, it can be difficult to verify that the work actually gets done according to the expected standards
Have a great week!

Cecilia 🙂 – with 1 week of vacation to go

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Why Camping Sucks!

I’m one week into a two weeks camping trip! For the time being, our home is rolling on four wheels! After our trip to Greece, we wanted to try something new. No plans, be mobile and drive according to the weather forecast.

A wet and windy dream, but a very different reality! The picture below is my snap from the departure day! Haha!

Excitement before take-off!

My Wet And Windy Camping Dream

Going on a mobile home trip might sounds like a great idea. Everybody applauded the idea, when I told friends about it.

This was my dream:

  • Drive and check-out different beaches
  • Park overnight at a beach
  • Watch the sunset, while having a family and friends BBQ
  • Read a book before bedtime
  • Do yoga in the sunrise
  • Cruising on my sailboard, while the boys were playing in the sand

The True Story About Windsurf Camping!

Hey, wake-up! Often vacations doesn’t turn out like planned. Camping is not the romantic, family dream, I believed in. My expectations were too high and we didn’t do enough research.

No Wind!

There are many things you can’t control. One of them is the weather! Truth is, there is no wind in Scandinavia right now. Ooops, what to do? We do our best to get that energy out! Stand-up paddle, punning, yoga, gym and play with the toddler boys!

No Camping!

We have visited many beautiful beaches. The is only a big problem! It isn’t allowed to park overnight. So far, we have ended up staying at huge, annoying and overcrowded camping sites, on streets or in harbors. I don’t mean to sound mean and posh, but we really don’t like being stuffed in with 100s of caravans far away from the sea. At one of the sites, our neighbor had spend every summer there since 1977! We paid for two nights, and stayed one night. Then we escaped!

Not a beach in site, but plenty of industry areas!

Pandora’s Exploding Box & Tortellini Between My Toes!

The car is nice and fairly spacious, with a lot of smart storage rooms. Being a management consultant, I actually made a plan on how to keep our things in a smart and lean order. My calculations went wrong! I didn’t estimate the uncertain variables, like bumps on the road, sudden weather changes, sand and food on the floor.

Whenever, I open a cupboard, things are flying out. Actually, it just started to rain! The rain coats are below the surf boards and the bed. Alex…help! You must come and lift the bed! I clean the floor every day, but ouch, I just step into some sand covered tortellini.

I can hardly move around in the car, because it’s filled with windsurf and SUP gear. Not to forget two car child seats. In addition, we took a trip to Ullared, Scandinavia’s largest warehouse. After the visit, there is a racing car, a viking ship and toy lawn mover inside our mobile home. Plastic is fantastic..!

Can you pass me my hood, which is stored under the bed, the surfboards and the plastic-fantastic toys, honey?

A Family With Cabin Fever!

Camping is all about staying outside the mobile home. But when we park at a guest harbor or in a street, with water or fast cars on all sides, there is no option. We cannot have the two toddlers running around. Too many hours we have been stuck in the mobile home. Oh yes…with all the surf boards, the cars seats, the sand and the plastic-fantastic toys!

What’s THAT Smell!

Doing the daily sanitary work is no problem. The real problem was that even if we emptied the latrine daily, there was still a horrible septic smell in the car. No cleaning or air freshener could kill it. Then we discovered a smelly pond under the car. There had to be a second tank, which the rental company hadn’t told us about. And yes! After checking around and under the car, we found a huge overfilled tank with spill water. We manage the empty it! One problem solved!

No Sunset Nor Sunrise!

So far, I haven’t seen the sunset. Every evening around 8-9 pm we were trying to get the two twin toddlers to sleep. They think the mobile home is great fun, day and night! They spin around in their elevated bed above the driver seat. When one is sleeping, the other wakes him up.

Eight hours later, I don’t see the sunrise, either. I’m in a coma. I wake up every time a train passes behind the mobile home or when I have to get up and calm down one of the little ones.

IMG_0796 (1)
«Driving» a mobile home is great fun!

I Was Naive!

My Swedish mother said to me – But Cecilia! What did you expect? You are in Bohuslän and Halland, Sweden. It’s always very crowded in July! 

Maybe my dream would have been possible on a windy day in October, but never in July!

One more week!

Okay, I admit it! I had a glorified view on the camping life in a mobile home. But I will keep on going for one more week!

I just checked windguru! Wind is on its way to Hvaler, and so are we!

Stay tuned!

Cecilia 😡


Never Forget – July 22!

Today started off like July 22, five years ago. On vacation abroad! A sunny, beautiful day. Yet, I can still remember every detail of July 22, 2011. The day took a dramatic turn around noon. A BOMB had gone off in Oslo! The worst hadn’t started yet! A crazy gun man had a second mission! My quiet and safe country, where not even the police carry a gun, was under threat. 

All Norwegians have a special relationship to July 22. For my generation, the date brings out stronger emotions than dates in the remembrance of World War II. Five years ago, terror hit Norway. During three horrible hours, 77 people, mostly teenagers, were taken away from us!

77 people were killed by one man. Hundreds of next of kin were thrown into an endless grief. My thoughts today go to the sisters, brothers, parents, grand parents and friends of the victims and those who survived the attacks!

I was, in a hotel room in Muscat, Oman, watching the sad news on every international news channel. All I wanted, was to get home as fast as possible. I didn’t personally know any of the victims, but like the rest of Norway I grieved.

A week ago, text messages between brave teenagers, hiding from the gun man, and desperate parents were published in a Norwegian newspaper. I couldn’t stop crying, when I read the strong messages. Some parents got replies. Others didn’t.

It has been said. Time heals all wounds. I’m not sure. No one should experience losing a child. Both a life and a future are lost.

The Norwegians answered with love and roses

The days and weeks after July 22, Oslo was covered in red roses. The Norwegians held hands and answered terror with love, not hate. The whole world found this extra ordinary. Still, I ask if we have done the same if the terrorist had been from a different country and religion. We will never find out! 

The years after 2011, we experienced conflicts. Where should memorials be established? Should the bomb car be a part of an exhibitions? For how many years should the day have public commemorations in Norway’s many municipalities? We learned that people grieve differently. Many relatives and volunteer rescuers are still struggling to live a normal life. I read that 51 % of the parents are still not working like before July 22, 2011.

Recently, we have had other devastating terror attacks. It has been less than a week since Nice was covered in blood. Some relatives and survivors from Norway work as volunteers to help families, who experience the same. I admire their courage!

We cannot carry the grief for others, but we can all do something. Please, show that you care, remember the victims with dignity and make sure that new generations learn about this day.

The island, Utoeya, were the second attack took place! Photo: Lasse Tur

What can we, you and I do?

  1. Show that we care, and respect different ways of processing grief. Often, we don’t know what to say. This is okay. Maybe, you don’t have to say anything. A warm, heartly hug or a hand to hold can be a good start.
  2. Take a «time-out» every July 22, and respectfully remember those who lost their lives. Share your experience and thoughts from this day.
  3. Visit a memorial site, like the Ring at Utoeya island. I will take my boys there, when they get older.
  4. Terrorism is an attack on our democratic values and symbols.Don’t let terror control your actions or travel destinations. If you do, the terrorists have won!
  5. Show respect and help out, when other nations experience terror!
Memorial The Ring! Photo: Martin Slottemo Lyngstad

Finally, I send my warmest love and thoughts to relatives and friends of victims of July 22 and other terror attacks! Every terror attack is a black day in our history! Share some love, spread some sunshine!


Cecilia :*


The Best Sunscreen For Water Sport!

Greece has been a blast. I truly love water sport vacations! This is not a beauty blog, but today I want to share a skin care advice :).

In case you wonder, this is not product placement or a sponsored post. Just me, sharing my experience, after a decade on the board on the water.

Stand-up paddling – the best way to get a nice tan!

Protect Yourself From The Sun!

The sun has a strong effect, when you have fun in the water. Even if it’s clouded, you should take precautions and use a high sun protection factor (SPF).

When I go on windsurf / SUP vacations, I prefer to go somewhere where a wetsuit is not needed. Hey, I live in Norway!! We are wrapped up in thick clothes most of the year. When the sun is shining and the water is warm, a bikini is the only suitable clothing!

I have tested many different sunscreens for water sports, but I always come back to some favorites.

Riemann P20 for body and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream for face and lips!

Why is Riemann P20 my no. 1 choice for body?

It’s super easy to apply and not greasy. It’s not white, so I don’t get white spots all over your bikini. It absorbs quickly, and my skin feels smooth. It doesn’t contain perfume or parabens.

Finally, the most important, the sun screen is incredible water resistant, even after hours of water sports! I only use SPF 30 and 50.

My sunscreen travel companions!

Why is Elizabeth Arden no. 1 choice for face and lips?

I always wear a very high SPF on my face and lips, in order to reduce skin cell damage. Staying long days in water, sun and wind is not exactly a beauty recipe for my face. I have tried water proof and water resistant products. The result has been that my face gets very irritated, since the skin cannot breath.

The Eight Hour® Cream series is an award winning series, and also my number one choice.

The Eight Hour® Cream Sun Defense for Face SPF 50 is very light and oil free. It’s PABA-free and a good hydration for my face. But it’s not water resistant, so I reapply often!

The stick for lips and other exposed areas (nose etc) is water-resistant and perspiration-resistant. Easy to apply and non-sticky. The stick is wide and economical in use. No color, so put it on your husband as well! 🙂

Skjermbilde 2016-07-15 kl. 09.14.01
I use these products all around the year! Wrinkles, stay away!

My sunscreen routine

I always buy my favorites before we leave. Just remember this, if you buy them at the airport! Even if the shopping bag is sealed, it might be taken away from you in transit in the US. I have tried it and had to give up $250 of sunscreen.

  • The first thing I do in the morning is to apply sunscreen. Then I know, that it has absorbed properly before I put on clothes. I don’t get a lot of sand in the sunscreen, as I would if I did it on the beach.
  • I always use 50 on the chest, the shoulders, top of my head, feet and hands.
  • I re-apply face and lips often
  • I re-apply the whole body before lunch.
Take care of your skin!

Happy surfing and tanning!

Hang loose,

Cecilia :*

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Feel Fabulous – 4 Fun Summer Workouts!

Good morning, dear readers! Thank you, for reading my blog during summer! As you might know, I’m having a blast in Greece. Before I left on this vacation, I wrote about leaving your work at work. Today, I will strike a blow for NOT leaving your work-out routine at home! Bring it with you on your vacation, but spice it up with some summer twists!

Summer = Time to be Active Outdoors!

Summer is time to chill and relax. Yet, I would say it’s time to be active outdoors. Maybe you spend time at the beach, at home or at a mountain cabin. I’m sure you’ll find opportunities wherever you are.

I was «born» active, and don’t feel comfortable unless I do something active every day. Being a twin mother in the my best 40s, it’s more important than ever! Here is some inspiration for your summer work-outs!

1) Try a new water sport!

Windsurf, kite surf, stand-up paddle board, kayaking or surfing. The water and the wind are your friends during summer. No matter your level, there is always possible to have fun and try on a new challenge. If you’re a newbie, ask someone to help you or take lessons!

Never to early to start a sideways activity on the water!

2) Go on a sightseeing run!

Get up in the morning. Go for a sightseeing run in the sunrise. The light is so beautiful and you will have popular tourist attractions for yourself. Your breakfast will taste better than ever before.

The other day, I was sightseeing running in Naxos. 30-45 minutes was perfect. I visited the landmark by the harbor and ran some intervalls in the stairs in the old town.

3) Yoga at the beach café before the opening hours!

I bring my yoga mat everywhere. I have done yoga in the strangest places. Here on Naxos, my secret spot is this 2nd floor at the Flisvos Beach café before breakfast starts at 8.30 am.

The view from «my secret yoga place»

4) Leave the car, take the bike!

A bike is the perfect locomotion to get a exercise, do daily errands and get around. Park your car and start pedaling!

No rental cars on this vacation! Just cruisin’ around!

My last best tip!

Do your work-out in the morning! Then, you are more less likely to skip your work-out! You will feel proud, have a great energy and look great after a sweat and morning shower!

Share your experiences and get inspiration from friends and other active people who share their activities in their social media.

Enjoy your work-out!

Cecilia 🙂

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I Have Fallen In Love, …..Again!

I love traveling and I love adventures. Often we go to new place. Sometimes we keep coming back, again and again again! Last October, I told you that I was in love!, with an island. An island, that gives me goosebumps to dream about. I had to ask you and myself. Is it possible to love an island? H*** yeah, it is possible. And for the second time, it’s about to happen again.

My troubled long distance relationship!

My dream destination is Maui. Last autumn, our family of four spent six weeks on the beautiful and windy island. Many people thought we were crazy, to travel to the other side of the world with our twin infants. But we did, and we often talk about when to return. Still, Maui is a troubled long distance relationship, because it’s sooo far away. Approximately 30 hours from door to door, and a 12 hours time difference. This summer we decided to go to a new island.

My love and my long distance love island! Alex ripping Ho’okipa, Maui! Photo: Jimmy Hepp

When we travel, there are a few criteria:

  • Windsurfing possibilities – consistent wind
  • Beaches without wind and with shadow areas, suitable for toddlers 😉
  • Flat spots, waves are a bonus
  • Warm waters, no wetsuit for big and small ones!
  • Comfortable living and good food
  • Relaxed lifestyle, no stress getting around
  • Other activities to do on down days

Overall, it must a good destination for an active vacation the whole family!


5 reasons for my new island romance!

From the first day on Naxos, I felt the good vibe. After having settled in at Flisvos Sport Club, we got into the vacation mood. Salt in the air and wind in my hair! And how about this sunset!

The sunset on Naxos from our apartment!

1) A beautiful lagune, windy, flat and warm waters! Yeah! On the inside of the lagune, a part of the beach is perfect for two toddlers. There is even a small shadow area, where they can play!

2) Good gear rental close to the sea! Windsurf gear is heavy!

Miss Happy face, ready for 30 knots in the lagune!

3) Greek food and family friendly people!

4) On down days there are many others things to do, like taking a trip around the island. Take a boat to neighbor islands. Go diving or snorkeling. Go to the local gym. Visit the pool at a nearby hotels. Hang out at one of the many beach cafés. Go on a mountain bike trip! And of course, running and yoga can be done everywhere!


5) All in one place! We don’t have a car here, and can walk barefoot everywhere. 5-10 minutes from the apartment to the lagune. A lot of restaurants and a super market in the immediate vicinity, and it is possible to push a twin stroller :). Or I cruise on this bike!

No car on this Naxos vacation. Only this cruiser! :*

Enjoy your holiday! I’m, for sure, enjoying mine!

So long,

Cecilia :*

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Packing For Vacation Is Easy Peasy With This App!

I always look forward to an adventures vacation, but not the packing. Many times, I have been packing last minute. The result? I have forgotten a lot of stuff or I brought too much. We are experienced travelers, but not so experienced traveling as a family. Alex and I pack less and less for ourselves. Kids stuff fill up our suitcase! Suitcase, not suitcases. My goal is always to fit the whole family’s clothing etc in one Dakine roller bag. The simple reason is that we have to bring the stroller, diaper/food bag and normally a windsurf/surf bag. Now, I have realized. Help is near. Check out the winner app!

Show Me Your List, and I’ll Tell You Who You Are!

I am big fan of lists. I use OneNote at work. At home, I use Notes. I have packing lists, called Mountains weekend, Snowboard Week, Windsurf Cold, Windsurf Warm etc. Yet, I just realized, that this is not very efficient. I decided to step it up!

Skjermbilde 2016-07-04 kl. 14.33.28
The three apps, I tested! Triplist, Packpoint Packing for Sheraton and PlackingPlanner

My Private Test of The Apps

I checked out some of the packing apps.

  1. TripList – You can choose between the Free version, Pro ($2,99/33 NOK), Wizard ($1,99/22 NOK) and Pro + Wizard ($4,99/55 NOK). I tried the Free and the Pro version. I decided to check out the Pro version, because it supports multiple users and I could make lists for every family member. You have eight items categories, and can easily make new categories. In addition you have tasks list. The weather of my destination was updated automatically. And I could sync it to iCloud and import details from your TripIt account. Still, I found the app a bit «boring». And I misunderstood, multiple users. I thought I could add users to access it directly. I could never figure out if this was the case.
  2. PackingPlanner – You can choose between the Free version and the Pro version ($0,99/11 NOK). I would say that the free version is useless. You have a limit of two trips. You have more than 20 categories. In the free version, you only have a few items, and you are constantly thrown into «Upgrade». You can easily make new categories. I tested the Pro version. It is easy to use. The layout looks great. I could sync it to iCloud, send the list on e-mail or print it.
  3. PackPoint Packing for Sheraton – You can choose between the free version or an upgraded version ($0,99/11 NOK). I tested both versions. This is by far the best free app for packing. You have a good selection of categories. This app stands out, because you can choose your activity and get a suggested list of items to pack. You easily add your specific stuff to the pre-set lists. I entered my destination, departure date, number of days, chose pleasure and added activities. The app made a suggested packing list, which I adjusted to my family’s needs. The layout looks great. I found it  very intuitive.
Skjermbilde 2016-07-04 kl. 14.37.10
Step-by-step by Packpoint Packing for Sheraton

My App Choice

Overall, I liked the PackPoint Packing for Sheraton best. The app looks great and was easy to use. I especially liked the good range of pre-made lists for the type of activities at our destination. I choose Gym, Beach and Baby etc.

Windsurfing was not a pre-set option, but I made a custom list in a couple of minutes. In addition, it suggested the basics for a trip of two weeks. I added a specific items, that was not pre-set. And for the next travel, it will be there!

Skjermbilde 2016-07-04 kl. 14.46.18
I will never forget my windsurf Cribb sheet, again!

I made the packing list on the app four days before our departure date. I took me 10 minutes! Then I registered a few items, that were not pre-listed. The day before departure we packed, and I must admit, packing has never been so easy and free of stress!

Bon voyage!

My view for next two weeks!

Cecilia 🙂

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How To Leave Work At Work, When On Vacation!

Only three workdays until vacation! I was hoping for some less busy days, but it looks like I’m going full speed until the plane leaves for Greece on Friday! Still, I have made time for six important steps!

I guess you look forward to some time off. Do you have any rituals at work before you take vacation? Do you leave work at the office or are you checking e-mails on the beach? Or in the hotel room, while your family is waiting impatiently!

For some reason, I have had trouble leaving work at the office. Working on airplanes and before the beach time has often been my style. This time, I will try to leave work at work!

How a vacation should be! Not a laptop in sight!

My pre-vacation 2016 ritual!

  1. Schedule time in advance! Make sure you have 1/2 -1 workday (or an evening or two) to complete the points below 🙂
  2. Arrange your e-mails! It is better to use a couple of hours now to sort out your e-mails, than after your time off. My dream inbox, before vacation, is an inbox with only follow-up items, with deadlines after the vacation.
  3. Do the travel bills! I’m running around with a plastic bag of travel bills. Before you leave for vacation, have your travel bills registered. It is good to get them refunded after your vacation.
  4. Make a plan and book meetings for August ->! Normally, it’s easier to get meetings (and meeting rooms!) booked now. Leave the first day after the vacation free of meetings. You will need that day (or two) to get up to speed!
  5. Delegate work to your colleagues. Go through your to-do list. Can anything be done by your colleagues, while you are away. Trust your team 🙂
  6. Activate your auto-reply! Be clear about your period of absence, contact information to colleagues at work and your phone number in case of emergency. If you work in an international environment, it can be good to explain three weeks of the Norwegian national paralysis called fellesferie. Check out this article from the LA Times! Norwegians abandon their post for fellesferie!

Have some great days at work, before a well deserved time off! Remember, you have longed for this vacation. Make it count!

Better to work extra now, than at the beach!

Cecilia :*

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Do You Know The Young Executive Of The Year?

Do you know an up-and-coming leader? A young leader who is known for his/her leadership skills and talent? Maybe it’s your boss. Maybe it’s someone in your management team. Maybe it’s YOU!

The Podium – Young Executive of the Year 2015

Young Executive of the Year 2015

In February, I was invited to the Young Executive Award 2015. The conference was much more than the award. Interesting speeches and plenty of networking. Check out my talks with three of the candidates!  It became the women’s night. Three highly talented women entered the winners’ stand.  I was lucky, to be the first one, to talk to the winner, Ingeborg Morken, head of sales, marketing and product management at Fjordkraft. Check out the winner interview!

At the end of this post, you see how you can participate! Hurry! The deadline is September 25, 2016!

Too Late, but I Got The Chance!

To take part in the Young Executive of the Year, you must be under 40 years old. Since I am 41, I’m no longer young and promising. 😉 Therefore, I was very happy, when I was given the opportunity to go through the test and get valuable feedback! The organizer of the award, Assessit, invited me to do the full examination.

Of course, I said – Yes! My blog is dedicated to young leaders (and experienced leaders who needs some new inspiration)! A perfect match!

The Online Tests!

The assessment consists of a 180 degree evaluation and face-to-face business cases. My boss and my employees at Deloitte and I did some online tests before the live business case (role play). The purpose of the tests were to get an overview of my leadership competency, ability and show how my boss, my employees and I rated me.

You can find out more about the process and the tests here!

I found the tests thorough and good. All questions are well tested and based on research. The concept is unique, when it comes to leadership evaluation.

I did some online tests from my «home office»! Please, don’t disturb!

The Case Day!

This week, I did the face-2-face business cases. I didn’t have time to get nervous. It was a normal busy morning with the twins. But when I sat down with two evaluators, I could feel my stomach turning upside-down. Help! What have I said yes to? Fortunately, I calmed down fast. They were super nice and explained what would happen the next four hours.

Young Executive
CEO and partner Trond Myhrvold and partner Trude Osa from Assessit explaining me the process! Photo: Assessit

First, I was given a case. I sat alone for 25 minutes and prepared a presentation for a top executive meeting. The case was easy to understand. Time went fast, but I had time to do a little rehearsal for myself, before I went back to the evaluators.

We simulated a meeting. The business case was a role play. We all went 100 % into our roles.

Second, no time to rest. A new business case was coming up. Another 35 minutes of preparation. Then a role play meeting with an employer.

Young Executive-3
In action with the role play, making my presentation for the top manaagement of the case company! Photo: Assessit

After the two role plays, I realized that this is not only about testing and getting results and feedback. This is about training and practicing my leadership skills in a safe environment!

People is sports, train for and simulate their competitions. Why shouldn’t leaders do the same?

The Evaluation

The four hours went fast. Suddenly, it was time for the wrap up, evaluation and a discussion. Trond and I discussed the results from the online testing, supplemented with the evaluators feedback from the role plays. I really liked, that we had a good hour on this part. It was time to reflect and understand my strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

I left Assessit at noon, but my self-evaluation continued in my head for the rest of the day. Many of the findings were known, but some new areas were exposed.

Young Executive_report
The Report – the story about my leadership style 🙂

How Can You Participate?

The candidate must be under 40, have been in the position for a minimum of 12 months and have at least five employees/project members.

You can enter the Young Executive Award, by being nominated by your boss. Or you can also nominate yourself! Either way, you do need a letter of recommendation from your company.

Note – the deadline is September 25, 2016!

Do you have a talented young leader at your firm?

  • You can make your nomination by using this link

–> Online registration!

Are YOU a talented young leader?

  • Ask your boss or the HR department to nominate you! You can share this blog post with them, as a hint 😉
  • You can nominate yourself! And to all you talented female leaders! – It is perfectly fine to nominate yourself. Men do!

–> Online registration!

Do you know someone who might be a talented young leader?

Lucky you! This is very easy. Just enter this website and submit your tips!

Spread the word! Please feel free to share this blog post in your social media! 

What’s In It For You?

Some might be triggered that this is a prestigious award. It is an honor to be nominated. And an even greater achievement to be one of the 100 chosen ones, who will be downsized to 10, to three and finally one winner.

Still, I would say, that the biggest value was that I:

  • Got a wide evaluation and feedback from people I work with every day
  • Got a greater awareness of my strengths and weaknesses
  • Got the possibility to train in a safe environment
  • Got feedback and advice from professional coaches
Young Executive-2
Deep concentration working on my case! Photo: Assessit

Overall, it was like a leadership vitamin pill, which boosted my possibility to improve myself as a leader. In fact, the evaluation has already made me take some action.

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Have a great week! Only two weeks until an awaited summer vacation! 🙂

Cecilia :*

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10 Steps To Achieve Your Goal In One Year!

Yesterday, I shared my story about my plan and steps, that I have carried out over the last 365 days!

Today, it is your turn to take the first steps. Start walking! 😉

Photo: Lindsay Henwood, unsplash.com

Imagine June 2017

Take a break. Reflect! Where do you see yourself in one year? What is your dream, your purpose, your goal? If you want to make things happen, you better start today!

This are my advices for you and your next 365 days!

  1. Take time to reflect on where you are in your life! Like many, I use sports, like running or cycling, to clear my mind. Or do as I did last Sunday. I had a strategy meeting with myself! Just me and my coffee cup for three hours! A mind map, to sort out your ideas, can be a good tool!
  2. You must be passionate about your new project. Your passion will be your most important source of energy to keep going!
  3. Set a goal, make a plan! Don’t set to many goals. Keep it simple. Develop a high level plan on what you want to achieve. Make a concrete step-by-step plan for the next three months and next four weeks. I wrote down 3-5 weekly tangible activities, in order to move forward.
  4. Fit your project into your daily schedule. I strongly believe that you must know, when during your busy day to work on your project. You have to make some sacrifices. I focus on writing, when the twin boys are sleeping (instead of doing house work ;)). Sometimes I go to a local coffee shop for 2-3 hours to focus and to get new inspiration.
  5. Make sure your closest support you! My Alexander has never complained about my blog project. He helps me and he gives me honest feedback!
  6. Don’t let failures, negative feedback or comments take you down! I have received negative comments. Some have made me sad and insecure. I shake them off! Failures are important steps to success!
  7. Prepare yourself for a bumby ride! When tough times hit you. Slow down, take a step back. Where do you go from here? Then continue, start rolling and go ahead with full speed!
  8. Be true to your goal and values! There will be times, when you will doubt your goal and your work. It might be tempting to change path, in order to achieve what comes easy. If something seems impossible, it’s only because you haven’t found a solutions yet.
  9. Never give up! 
  10. Celebrate! Be proud and share milestones with the people who are close to you!

I will applaud every step you take towards June 2017, 2018..2020! Take your first steps today! No need to wait until tomorrow!

Tell me! What’s your plan for the next 365 days! Maybe, I can help you along the way!

Deloitte_CF - 2
Tell me your plan for the next 365 days! Foto: Ingar Næss / Deloitte AS


Have a terrific week!

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